Who does what at Blaze

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Thousands of hours by committee members, peeps who deal with the processes and procedures of ticketing, art grants, theme camp grants, communications, managing the Nest, building Jilikan Rock city etc. etc.  But more than anything, Blazing Swan takes YOU to make it happen. This glorious experiment in temporary community and ‘do-ocracy’ will have the following teams of volunteers, all gifting their time, energy and resources to make our home the most exciting, vibrant, energetic, dynamic and progressive 100 acres in Australia!

Art Department

These guys have an eye for detail. They help to develop, facilitate and produce the incredible and extraordinary large art sculptures at Swan which are partially paid for through ticket sales. The Art Department manage site preparation, artist liaison, placement and general wrangling to ensure that anything large, sculptural and artistic has a home in Jilakin Rock City.


Build Crew

These dedicated, industrious and dexterous girls and boys are happiest when wielding a saw, operating a drill or swinging a hammer. By the time you meet them, they’ve probably been on site for a few weeks building our iconic Swan effigy or emblematic temple. Enthusiastically beavering away from dawn to dusk our hard-working Build Crew ensure that those fuckers are ready to light-up on burn night, burn safely and follow the Leave No Trace plan after the burn is finished.



The Comms Team apply lube to the flow of information within the Blazing Swan community. They’re here to educate, engage, inform and inspire you about all things Blazing Swan – and Burner culture beyond. On site, they take care of the Jilakin Rock City signage, radios and daily info at HQ where you can go for your daily dose of ‘where’s this?’ and ‘how can I do that’. In case of any emergencies, they will be the ones keeping the community and public in the loop where needed. The WTF Guide is their baby, as is this Survival Guide. Pre and post event, they will also keep you up to date via the website, Blaze of Our Lives Newsletter, Twitter, Facebook posts, videos, info-graphics, logo design… you get the picture.

Department of Mutant Transport (DMT)

The Department of Mutant Transport enable participants to share their Mutant Vehicle creations with the community of Jilakin Rock City, and to license vehicles for use by disabled participants. Mutant Vehicles are integral to the culture and community at Blazing Swan. They contribute to the surreal, visual quality that binds Jilakin Rock City together. DMT work hard to balance the tension between ensuring that the event remains pedestrian and bicycle friendly while ensuring that any form of mutant transport meets community safety requirements.


Department of Public Works (DPW)

DPW is the group that plans, surveys, builds, and takes down the basic infrastructure of our temporary community in Jilakin Rock City. The DPW are heroic, determined, hardworking, responsible, creative, interesting, dedicated, unusual individuals, working together for extended periods towards the common and vital goal of making sure Jilakin Rock City is ready to host 3,000 participants. Our painters, carpenters, mechanics, truck drivers, plumbers, welders, electricians, riggers, designers, and anybody with a strong back, strong sense of adventure or a strong sense of spirit remain active during the event ready to problem solve anything that crops up and ensure that Theme Camp and Art placement goes smoothly.


Fire – Jilakin Rock Fire Department

Fire is part of the essential fabric of Jilakin Rock City. We love fire. We evolved around fire. It gives us heat and light and provides a metaphor for love, truth, transformation and change. Jilakin Rock Fire Department are tasked with starting fires, stopping fires and everything in between. They set-up and set-off pyrotechnics and ensure safety is paramount…all for your amusement and enjoyment. Fire Tribe provides a safe and nurturing place for
practice and performance so if you intend to swing fire, swing-by there first. If you’re incorporating fire into your art installation, Theme Camp, Mutant Vehicle or performance, you must get the nod from these guys beforehand. The JR Fire Dept and Fire Tribe put the Blaze in Blazing Swan and make sure everything that burns, burns safely…nuff said, let’s burn some stuff!



Gate provides first contact with the participants at Blazing Swan. They are our guardians and sentinels, keeping watch over the physical and metaphysical energy flowing in and out of Jilakin Rock City. While they may look like they’ve been through one too many battles, they are gentle-hearted warriors protecting our customs. Gate will photo ID you, check your ticket, tag you with a wristband, ensure that you have enough supplies for your stay and understand our Leave No Trace policy and that you have no contraband (think guns, pyrotechnics and handheld lasers). They’re essential. Don’t fuck with them.



Armed only with wit, wisdom and infectious exuberance, you met these lovely people on the way in. Greeters take advantage of the opportunity to conduct helpful, educational and informational workshops to carloads of people. From the mundane to the profane, the Greeters crew are adept at dispensing practical guidance all while welcoming you home. Be putty in their hands and go with the flow. If pressed, Greeters will zealously describe, in visceral, gut-clenching and dirty detail, the consequences when the toilets are incorrectly utilized as depositories for items other than human waste…



These beautiful, caring, warm-hearted and altruistic people will attend to anything that you can’t fix yourself with your first aid kit. Medical assistance operates on several levels at Blazing Swan to ensure that everyone gets the appropriate level of treatment throughout the event. This is run externally by SBV Medical. There are on site doctors/paramedics/nurses on call for medical situations. Kulin St John Ambulance will also be on call 24 hours a day throughout the event to transport injured participants to hospital if needed.

MOOP Troop

Our very own Earth Guardians, the MOOP Troop is our army of MOOP eliminators. They travel our city disguised as your average Jilakin Rock City citizen and when they come across any Matter Out Of Place (MOOP) they spring into action to set things right. The MOOP Troop inspire, inform and encourage citizens of Jilakin Rock City to follow our Leave No Trace policy. They may go into a messy camp and educate their occupants about Leave No Trace and how they can keep their camp clean. They patrol the city for MOOP and potential causes of MOOP and then they act to remove the problem. They are not there to pick up your rubbish. After the event, a small army of dedicated volunteers scour the site with a fine toothed comb producing a MOOP map for us to learn from and ensuring that we hand the site back better than we found it.



The Jilakin Rock Rangers are Blazing Swan volunteers who can help you find solutions to problems that you can’t immediately resolve yourself. Rangers help preserve community welfare, safety and quality of experience and uphold the 10 Principles of Blazing Swan. Empathic surfers on the edge of chaos, Rangers rise out of the dust when needed and recede when things can be left on their own. Available 24/7 to support our community, Ranger HQ is with the medics at Camp Heart and is clearly marked on the map.



Affectionately referred to as the ‘Fun Police’ in-house, the Safety Team ensure that anything done in the name of Blazing Swan meets all Shire, State and Federal legislated safety requirements. They do all that stuff around risk assessment, fuel & hazardous material storage, compliance, environmental health and emergency procedures…so that you can party hard. They need your support. If you see a hazard, deal with it. If you can’t – handball it to a Ranger who can make sure it is reported and sorted.


Sanitation Crew

Hats off to these guys and gals. Excremental emissaries extraordinaire, they deal with all your shit and revel in taking the piss. The Sanitation Crew ensure that the portapotties on-site are clean and functional for the duration of the event. These unsung heroes and heroines aren’t afraid to get down and dirty in order to keep the effluent flowing. Make their job easier and follow the rules of the portapotties…you don’t wanna know how these night-soil ninjas deal with folk who break the portapottie rules.


Theme Camp Liaison

Theme Camps team are dedicated to nurturing and growing the interactive and immersive experience provided by those awesome folk who gift a Theme Camp. They work
 with the Theme Camp leads to ensure that the smooth running and logistical requirements of Theme Camps are met and deal with placement, ticketing, power, grants and safety compliance. Want to bring a Theme Camp to Swan? Come and attend one of the information sessions held at Swan’s Nest during the year…

Volunteer Coordination

If you’ve read this far…you’ll see that the very existence of Blazing Swan is dependent upon people generously gifting their time, energy and resources. The volunteer coordinator works with the Team Leads to ensure that volunteer skills and interests are matched up to help us create this truly spectacular event each year. Register your interest in volunteering with Blazing Swan here