Website Revision History

This page provides a written account of it’s history so that changes made are visbily transparent to those within the community

December 2019 Changes

November 2019 Changes

October 2019 Changes

September 2019 Changes

  • Updated Recombobulation page – according includes 2nd batch annouced acts/stalls
  • Added temporary updated Theme Camp survival guide PDF document untill design finished
  • Update of Theme Camp survival guide page
  • Update of Art application page to add in date short codes and clean up layout
  • Drone page sent live –
  • Updated Recombobulation page with new acts/stalls
  • Updated Recombobulation page – according includes 3rd batch annouced acts/stalls

August 2019 Changes

July 2019 Changes

  • Built and carried out website survey with BSI members and Theme camp members
  • Survey results collated. Report to community and Committee to follow
  • Survey results helped to identify areas for works and improvements
  • New menu layout and content plan created
  • Installed new menu plugin and reconfigured menu layout
  • Enabled menu layout to work on mobile devices
  • Updated tickets page to “coming soon”
  • Updated all links within slider on home page
  • Added Theme camp history page (Live)
  • Split survival guides between two pages Survival guide and Theme Camp Survival guide (Live)
  • Added Bringing the Basics (Prepare) – (Draft)
  • Added Supporting Kulin (About) – (Draft)
  • Added – Welcome to Country (About) – (Draft)
  • Added – Blazing Swan; A Short History (About) – (Draft)
  • Added The Effigy page – (About) –  (Draft)
  • Added Temple Page – (About) – (Draft)
  • Added Drones page – (Draft)
  • Added 2019 Photographer page and populated with information (Live)
  • Update of Tickets page to include improved FAQ section and correct links (Live)
  • Added new About us page (Live)
  • Modified old about us page to Blazing Swan Memberships (Live)
  • Installed FAQ plugin. Work commenced on building FAQs.
  • Survival guide review and relevant update to website commenced
  • Theme Camp survival guide review and relevant update to website commenced
  • Added What’s New page – to provide transparency on website revision history
  • Added Harm Reduction page – (Prepare?) – (Draft)