Website Revision History

This page provides a written account of it’s history so that changes made are visbily transparent to those within the community

March 2021 Changes

Feb 2021 Changes

Jan 2021 Changes

Dec 2020 Changes

February 2020 Changes

January 2020 Changes

December 2019 Changes

November 2019 Changes

October 2019 Changes

September 2019 Changes

  • Updated Recombobulation page – according includes 2nd batch annouced acts/stalls
  • Added temporary updated Theme Camp survival guide PDF document untill design finished
  • Update of Theme Camp survival guide page
  • Update of Art application page to add in date short codes and clean up layout
  • Drone page sent live –
  • Updated Recombobulation page with new acts/stalls
  • Updated Recombobulation page – according includes 3rd batch annouced acts/stalls

August 2019 Changes

July 2019 Changes

  • Built and carried out website survey with BSI members and Theme camp members
  • Survey results collated. Report to community and Committee to follow
  • Survey results helped to identify areas for works and improvements
  • New menu layout and content plan created
  • Installed new menu plugin and reconfigured menu layout
  • Enabled menu layout to work on mobile devices
  • Updated tickets page to “coming soon”
  • Updated all links within slider on home page
  • Added Theme camp history page (Live)
  • Split survival guides between two pages Survival guide and Theme Camp Survival guide (Live)
  • Added Bringing the Basics (Prepare) – (Draft)
  • Added Supporting Kulin (About) – (Draft)
  • Added – Welcome to Country (About) – (Draft)
  • Added – Blazing Swan; A Short History (About) – (Draft)
  • Added The Effigy page – (About) –  (Draft)
  • Added Temple Page – (About) – (Draft)
  • Added Drones page – (Draft)
  • Added 2019 Photographer page and populated with information (Live)
  • Update of Tickets page to include improved FAQ section and correct links (Live)
  • Added new About us page (Live)
  • Modified old about us page to Blazing Swan Memberships (Live)
  • Installed FAQ plugin. Work commenced on building FAQs.
  • Survival guide review and relevant update to website commenced
  • Theme Camp survival guide review and relevant update to website commenced
  • Added What’s New page – to provide transparency on website revision history
  • Added Harm Reduction page – (Prepare?) – (Draft)