We’re looking to build our Volunteer resource pool!

By July 25, 2021 Volunteer
Blazing Swan runs on the power of its volunteers. As a team we come together to build and run the event, the association and our community.
We’re looking to build and expand our teams with passionate people! Perhaps you want to help get involved to help fill your gifting, communal effort or participation buckets?
Below is a list of roles, areas, teams and departments that could do with your help.
If you’re interested in hearing more please email volunteer@blazingswan.com.au with the title of the role as the subject and provide some information on yourself and relevant skills/experience that you can bring to team.
You can register interest in multiple places, just use a separate email for each.
We’re looking for expressions of interest in the following:

Event and Production

We’re looking for people interested in planning and running events. Volunteers would help and support our existing event teams for both the Blazing Swan event as well as smaller fundraising events like Recombobulation.
Perhaps you have event production experience and/or industry links and want a space to express your ideas.

Volunteer Benefits ‘Thinktank’

We’re looking for people to review and assesses our existing volunteer benefits to help attract more volunteers. You have drive and passion in providing advice on building our volunteer teams, have consideration for how we can retain our volunteers as well as help develop them over the long-term.

DPW Department Lead

This speaks for itself. DPW are our hard-working infrastructure backbone of the event. The work isn’t pretty, but it’s absolutely necessary. We’re looking for someone to lead our amazing DPW crew.


Admin & Vollie Resources

We’re looking for those who can help administer, foster and rally our DPW team.

Construction & Machine Operations

We’re looking for those who are passionate about hard labour and those who are ticketed and trained machinery operators
If you’re a tradie – people like sparky or plumbers, then we’d love to hear from you as well.

Comms Team

We’re looking for those passionate about building community through communication. Writing communications, website operation, social media admin and moderation and bringing event and production design/brand through to participants makes up the core workload.

Administration, HR, and Documentation

We’re looking for people who are passionate about admin, process and documentation. There is a wide range of roles and teams that may interest you, and could do with your help.

Centre Camp Team Lead

If you love helping participants out on the playa, dealing with things like lost and found or perhaps feel drawn to helping newbies find their way, then this is your calling!