Thank you for your contribution to our Blazing Swan Website

Our Website would be be nothing without content.  If we are to live up to our Blazing Swan Core Values of Respect and Integrity we must acknowledge the people who have contributed so much of the material on this Website.  Our Website is an example of our Principles in action – Community Effort, Radical Self Expression, Immediacy and, most of all, Gifting.  Reflecting on these Principles, we are very pleased to acknowledge, and grateful for, the contributions of the following people:

Domininka Debska – Photographs
Christian Clowes – Photographs
Tony Howard – Website Maintenance
Gwynneth Jones – Text
Nina Triche – Photographs
Timmy Howe – Neon Caravan Artwork
Drew Johnson – Text
Genevieve Howe – Text
Anton Lord – Photographs and Text
Bruce Garrod – Website Design and Text
Sam Luckman – Photographs
Glyn Kernick – Photographs
Deric Martin – Photographs
Giselle Natassia – Photographs
Matt Ford – Photographs
Peter – Website and Domain Maintenance
Brian Hadwin – Photographs
Properly acknowledging the creators of all of our content is sometimes difficult with material that was collected a long time ago.  We’ve done our best to identify the material that we’ve used, but if we are missing an attribution, or have misattributed something, please contact us using the contact form and we’ll have a chat