As a not-for-profit we have a team of year-round volunteers that form the BlazingSwan Incorporated organisation.  We work together under the guidance of a Committee and Membership to build community and put on a great burn event each Easter here in Western Australia. Positions in the Blazing Swan organisation require skills like leadership and dedication. If you are someone who is driven to contribute, open to learning and collaborating, organised and keen as a bean to work in a team – then you might have just found your new home!

2024 Event Crew Applications Open November 2023

Volunteers are the backbone of every Blazing Swan Event. We are gearing up for Blazing Swan Neon Caravan in March 2024 and will be looking for volunteers to join our family.  Applications for event volunteers will be opening soon. Keep an eye on our social media and this website.

Accessibility Team

Accessibility Crew provides information and support for disabled Blazers. Accessibility runs a centrally located camp for  people needing disability assistance co-supportive camping for those with Assistance Animals, consisting of a chill out area and space for Assistance Animals to spend time out of harness. Now known as the largest camped gathering of Non Canine Assistance Animals in Australia, our campsite at Blaze: Assistance Animals Area aka “Lounging with Parrots” is a fun place to be! Volunteers need to be positive, animal friendly and disabled friendly; every kind of volunteer is welcome: disabled, Carer or ally!

Jobs include pre Blaze meetings and training, resource management, trailer packs/unpacks, camp set up team, camp helpers, Assistance Animal handler helpers, Cooks, kitchen hands, Lounge/chill out zone management, Sun/rain coverings tarp cheif, Camp lights/heating major, folk to take shifts in the chill out lounge, and camp pack up (everyone!)

If you have the will to help others less able, a positive vibe, and love the idea of working with a range of Assistance Animals including Seizure alert macaws, then this is the camp for you!

MOOP Troupe

The MOOP Troupe, our players on the Playa, are here to help us achieve the transformation from being ‘Totally Present’ while we’re here, to ‘Leaving No Trace’ when we’re gone.  They travel our city disguised as your average Jilakin Rock City citizens.  When they come across any Matter Out Of Place (MOOP) they spring into action to set things right.

MOOP is not necessarily rubbish, it is simply something that doesn’t belong on the ground. It may be a beer can or a food wrapper but just as likely it’s a piece of someone’s costume that has fallen off during their travels, or useful times that have been blow out of camp and into the city by a gust of wind.  The MOOP Troupe aren’t there to pick up your rubbish, their role it to help you understand why it’s so important that you do that.  We’ll also educate people on the other aspects of Leave No Trace – how to avoid bringing to Blazing Swan in the first place, where to find the recycling facilities, and how to cart your rubbish and waste home with you at the end of the day.

If you love a Principle, and that Principle is ‘Leave No Trace’ come and walk the talk with us.  Join the MOOP Troupe!

Safety (Fun Police) Team

The Fun Police are here to help support our Community and ensure our Civic Responsibility. This includes:

  • Occupational Health and Safety
  • Sound/Noise Monitoring
  • Environmental Sustainability
  • Policy and Procedure Writing
  • Fire, Food and Laser Safety
  • Temporary Structure Compliance
  • Emergency Management
  • Risk Management
  • Electrical Test and Tag
  • And many more event Compliance issues.

Do you have experience or an interest in any of these fields? Come and join our team! We are always looking for more Volunteers. Some areas will require specific qualifications but if you have any questions send an email to safety (at)

Maybe you already know for sure that you want to join the Fun Police! Click the Volunteer button to register and we will be in touch shortly.

Medical (Bandage Brigade) Team

Medical support at the Event will be provided by contractors, supplemented by medical volunteers and St John’s Ambulance.  Our volunteer team – The Bandage Brigade – is crewed by skilful, adaptable, caring Blazers who work alongside our medical contractor to help keep our Blaze family safe from harm. We need some amazing humans to help keep Jilakin Rock safe and healthy by responding to calls for help, bringing people to Care Clinic (our “hospital”) and assisting the medical contractors with anything from basic first aid to advanced medical care (within the scope of a first aid volunteer).

If you have healthcare skills such as a doctor, nurse, paramedic, mental health professional, allied health professional, or even as a first aider we’d love to hear from you!  All prospective volunteers for these positions must be at least 18 years of age and hold the appropriate qualification for the position for which they are volunteering.

Helping make Blazing Swan an amazing place and yes you get hot showers, as many as you need and we will feed you too!

Traffic (Legends of Traffic) Team

The Legends of Traffic volunteer their time to work 4-hour shifts and get to meet happy smiley Blazers as they arrive at the event. It’s a great intro to volunteering if you are a first timer.

Our Legends of Traffic help safely guide vehicles into the event and campgrounds, and they give participants handy tips on safe camping and vehicle parking. Training is provided. Do a shift with a friend and make more Blazers friends while you’re at it.

We will even deck you out in a hi-vis vest and a LED Tutu! You’d be mad not to get amongst it!

Click here to read more about Traffic

Greeters Crew

Greeters Crew: Greeters hold ceremony, that welcomes Blazing Swan participants home and remind them that the Ten Principles are the primary values of our community at Jilakin Rock City.

The Greeters Ceremony is the participant’s first opportunity to create a foundation for their experience and to enter into the Blazing Swan community. This is perhaps one of the most immediately and intrinsically rewarding volunteer roles, but it comes with great responsibility.

Being involved in the first page of a new story is a whole lot of fun and gives bucket loads of love in return.

Click here to read more about Greeters

The Jilakin Rock Rangers

Jilakin Rock Rangers are participants who volunteer a portion of their time at Blazing Swan in service of the safety and well-being of the Blaze community. Rangers act as non-confrontational community mediators, providers of reliable information and facilitators of public safety.

Day or night, pairs of Rangers can be found walking the streets of Jilakin Rock City, engaging with the community, enjoying the art and always ready to help sort things out.

Click here to read more about the Rangers

Department of Public Works (DPW) Crew

DPW Crew:  Do you have skills in operating plant? Handy with tools? Or just love to lend a bare hand or two in turning dust into dreams by building our beloved city from the ground up. All backgrounds and skills are welcome.

From Many Hands, One city.

Wellness Crew

Wellness Crew:  As the saying goes, it takes a village to build a city. It takes a lot of sweat blood and tears to turn dust into dreams, and we want to make those building the city’s lives as comfortable as possible. We are looking for massage therapists, musicians, yoga/wellness instructors to help make the build weeks not just a site camp, but a friendly village

Gate Crew

Gate Crew:  The keepers of the gate, you are the first face blazers see as they come home. We are looking for crew to tag our family in, as well as have the strength to ensure they are prepared for the adventures ahead and hold the line when its called.

The Guides of Camping

The Guides of Camping:  You will tell participants about the best places to camp,  share good advice with them about keeping safe, and let them in on the secrets of  how to have the very best time camping at Blazing Swwan.  We’re looking for active people who are good at communicating and have the ability to roll with adversity.  Camping crew will operate in pairs with backup just a radio call away.  Most of our work is spreading sunshine, but our ideal candidate will know why the few rules we have are important, and be firm when firmness is required.   Looking for an intense experience, join the Guides of Camping !

House Crew

House Crew:  Our wizards of the kitchen have combined with all the other people who make our site headquarters a home away from home, and the result is ‘House Crew’.    If you’ve got a talent with a skillet or a scrubbing brush House Crew would love to hear from you.   House Crew start early on site with the build crews, and are there after the event with the packdown crews.  So there’s plenty of options to start early or stay late, and of course we opearate during the event as well.

Centre Kiosk Crew

Centre Kiosk Crew: