Volunteering at Blazing Swan 2018

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Volunteering at Blazing Swan

The growth of our annual Blazing Swan event is dependent on participants volunteering…quite literally. Each year, ticket sales are capped according to the number of volunteers we have and our aim is to achieve a 10% volunteer base…so it really can’t happen without you! Each year we take on new and returning volunteers, they are given a basic training by their Crew Lead and form a crucial part of the day-to-day operations ensuring participant orientation and safety.

The two crews which require most volunteers are Rangers and Greeters. You can sign-up here:

Volunteer Here



If you have the time and skills… the Department of Public Works (DPW) and our Build Crews for Effigy and Temple require dedicated construction teams who are generally on-site a couple of weeks pre-event putting in long hours to get the job done. Application to join these folks is through the volunteer coordinator who you can email:

Email our Volunteer Lead at volunteers[at]blazingswan.com.au.



Wanna know how to prepare for your next Blaze? …Easy, read the Survival Guide …no, seriously, download and read that fucker!

Lovingly compiled through copious hours of volunteer time, it contains the collective wisdom of many seasoned Burners and is freely gifted to our fellow Burners with love.

Read the Survival Guide


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