Vaccination Announcement

Blazing Swan

Dear Community

By now you may have seen the recent State Government announcement on their Safe Transition Plan which includes new health measures to be implemented when our State Borders open.

What does this mean for Blazing Swan?

The announcement confirmed that the WA borders will open in late January / early February. The good news is that we will finally be able to welcome our fellow Interstate and International Burner family to participate, as well as to gift to our beautiful Blaze.

The announcement also stated that participation at events over 1000 people will require proof of vaccination. While information is not yet available on how this regulation will be implemented, what is clear is that attendance of Blazing Swan 2022 will require you to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19.

Blazing Swan is a Community based on the 11 Principles. The beauty of this is that we have a colourful Community with an incredible diversity of views. Yes, Radical Inclusion is one of our Principles – the important thing to remember here is that whatever your beliefs, and whatever you chose, you are still a member of this wonderful Community. 

We must also remember that Civic Responsibility is also one or our Principles. Whilst we build our own society through Participation and Communal Effort, we have not found an alternative reality that is completely removed from the Default. Building a Society within a Society comes with having to respect the laws and regulations of the land and to protect each other’s wellbeing. What use is building a Community capable of the wonders of Blazing Swan if it cannot happen at all?

Think back to 2020 when Civic Responsibility demanded that we cancel the event. Not one of us was able to attend that year, does that mean we ceased to be a Community? We were still very much a Community and we came back together stronger than ever in 2021. 

If under these new Public Health measures you find yourself unable to attend Blazing Swan in 2022 please understand that, similar to 2020, your place in our Community is not lost just because we are not together in person.

We of course understand that for some of us, there will be some frustration at this news, and as a free Community we welcome your Radical Self Expression if you feel that way. What is not welcome is targeting that expression at individuals and groups that do not Consent to be a victim of anger and frustration. We must always strive to treat each other with respect and kindness. Our diversity is what makes us strong as a Community. Whatever our individual choices are, please respect them. Each one may teach one, good societies are built on respect, understanding, learning and growth.

While we do hope to see you all at Blazing Swan 2022: Poseidon’s Flame, your choices are entirely yours to make. With the hard work we have put in as a community, the experience we’ve gained over the past years, and the world opening up again, it is no doubt going to be an exciting festival!

Much love and unity from

The Blazing Swan Committee