We’re currently looking to fill the following volunteer positions:

Volunteer Fire Fighters

Blazing Swan is looking for people from within our community to do some short shifts during the event. You must have had experience as a Volunteer fire fighter with a Volunteer Bush Fire brigade or similar experience.

There a limited 6 hour shifts available during the event, conducting fire safety patrols and being first responders. You would be buddied up with experienced Career Fire Fighters who are also rescued trained.

You would also be able to assist during our Major Burns and anyone completing 14 hours on site would qualify for a directed volunteer priced ticket (currently $185) for the 2021 event, a t-shirt and a Fire Crew patch.

Please direct any enquires to Safety Shaz safety@blazingswan.com.au

Safety & Sound Specialists

The Blazing Swan Fun Police need more volunteers to join their OHS Team, and their Sound Team for Blazing Swan 2020.


Are you an experienced and/or qualified Safety professional who is interested in providing OHS support at Blazing Swan 2020?

We have a variety of opportunities both during the event and for our site setup crews.



We are looking for Sound Engineers or Music Industry Professionals with an in depth understanding of sound systems, to ensure our Sound Camps are running at safe levels, and to help them dial in optimal gain structure to get the best out of their equipment, in the interest of public safety and enjoyment.


OHS and Sound shifts are limited to one day only during the event to ensure you can enjoy your Blaze, as well as participate to ensure our event is safe for everyone

Any questions or expressions of interest can be emailed to safety@blazingswan.com.au

Please state your relevant Safety/Sound work experience and qualifications, and also note if you have attended any other Blazes, Burns or similar events.

Portable Appliance Testers

Are you qualified to test and tag portable electrical equipment?

Blazing Swan offers free testing and tagging of electrical equipment to our Theme Camps in March 2020, at the Nest, prior to the event, to ensure all electrical appliances meet safety and legal requirements at our event.

If you have a current accreditation in this field and would like to help us gift this service to our Theme Camps then we want to hear from you. Bonus points if you can provide the testing equipment as well.

Contact safety@blazingswan.com.au to volunteer for our team of “Test and Taggers”

Administration Support

We are seeking to fill administration based volunteer roles for Blazing Swan. Do you have experience in any of the following areas?

  • Meeting Minutes and agendas
  • Record keeping
  • Maintaining registers
  • Human Resources
  • Emergency management
  • Workplace safety
  • Merchandise
  • Office project management Fundraising 
  • Training and coaching
  • Community based workshops and events
  • Environmental sustainability
  • Event management
  • Community liaison officers
  • Local and state legislation compliance


These roles require a commitment of up to approx. 10 hours per month. Positions may be filled by more than one person. This is to ensure sufficient staffing levels are maintained for the role. Appointments will be flexible and job share opportunities are available.

Experienced blazers with a good knowledge of Theme Camp needs and requirements, Blazing Swan site layout and the event structure are also encouraged to apply.

Experience with not-for-profit or other volunteer organisations would be highly advantageous.

We are also seeking expressions of interest from inexperienced people who wish to be mentored and trained in an administration role within the organisation.

There will be short-term projects available that can be allocated to volunteers who skills match the task. They are generally admin-based roles that can tasked to volunteers, with a set time frame to complete. This provides more flexibility with our volunteer options



  • Position Descriptions
  • Signage map
  • Emergency Management 
  • Theme camp compliance review 
  • Theme camp approval criteria
  • Safety administration 
  • Grant Application
  • Mutant Vehicle Administration


Please email secretary@blazingswan.com.au to apply outlining your experience and area of interest 

Environmental Team – Blazing Swan

Are you an environmental professional or passionate about environmental sustainability?

Blazing Swan is looking for people to join our volunteer environment team to conduct research and projects that are focussed on reducing our impact on the environment, at our events, and in our community.

Our environment projects are

  • varied and diverse in subject matter
  • can be individually driven or shared with team
  • include simple projects for beginners or students, and complex projects for the more enthusiastic or knowledgeable.
  • are flexible with completion dates
  • and we encourage new ideas


You are expected to have good research skills, attention to detail and good computing skills.

Highly Desirable: 

  • Project management experience
  • Environmental management experience


Email: safety@blazingswan.com.au with information on your suitability for the role, and we will contact applicants directly.

Emergency Management Coordinator - Blazing Swan

We are looking for a volunteer experienced Emergency Management Coordinator to supervise, control and coordinate all Emergency Service operations during the Blazing Swan event.

You will need to apply and conduct reviews of the existing Emergency Response Plan, work in collaboration with other team members and chair meetings of the Emergency Management Team.

During the event you will ensure all emergency equipment and associated signage is correctly placed during the event.

Post-event you will take part in a lessons learned exercise so as to ensure continuous improvement for the event.


You are expected to have experience in relevant areas, such as emergency response and event management.

You will have a proven ability to demonstrate Emergency Evacuation planning

Highly Desirable: 

  • Previous firefighting experience and skilled in the operation of fire fighting equipment and machinery
  • Hazardous Material handling experience
  • Pyrotechnics
  • Multiple casualty emergency response


Email: safety@blazingswan.com.au with a CV outlining your suitability for the role, and we will contact applicants directly.

Training Coordinator - Blazing Swan

We are looking for a motivated volunteer to Identify training & development programs available to our Not For Profit organisation that will benefit our community and its members.  Duties include:

  • Coordinating the delivery of existing training & development programs to our Committees, Theme Camps and community,
  • Regularly review training material, requirements and guidance to ensure it is current and effective, and
  • Encourage community members to mentor others and share skills, while providing guidance and support during their mentor process.


  • Certificate IV in Workplace Training and Assessment.
  • Strong written and verbal and interpersonal communication skills.
  • Able to deliver a diverse of a range of training materials to individuals and large groups.


  • Cert IV in OHS or WHS would be highly regarded.


Email: safety@blazingswan.com.au with a CV outlining your suitability for the role, and we will contact applicants directly.

Document Writer – Blazing Swan

We are looking for a volunteer to assist the Safety Team Lead review our suite of Health and Safety documentation.

You will need to be able to assist creating documents for our policies, procedures and support documents, by proof reading and editing ensuring documents are correctly formatted into existing templates.


Demonstrated skill in Microsoft Office Work and/or ability to research key legislation, policies and procedures to ultimately produce easy to read documents that meet legislative requirements.

Highly Desirable:

Experience with safety procedures or working in a similar industry will be well regarded but training can be provided for keen applicants.



Email: safety@blazingswan.com.au with a CV outlining your suitability for the role, and we will contact applicants directly.