The Legends of Traffic


Our Legends of Traffic uphold these core values as Traffic Marshals, Traffic Legends or as we like to call ourselves Traffic Angels.
We are the people that make sense of the beautiful life distraction that is Blazing Swan.
We are the people that make the home Jilakin Rock City, Kulin less confusing for where the wildthings are.
We welcome the stranger.

What we do


  • Meet happy smiley Blazers as they enter the event post Greeters
  • Help safely guide vehicles into the event and campgrounds.
  • Give participants handy tips on safe vehicle parking.
  • We are responsible for safely ushering people and vehicles in and out of the event in an orderly
    and advised manner, so that everyone is safe, by:

    • Providing directions and assistance to vehicles arriving at Blazing Swan.
    • Minimising traffic movement throughout the site and camp ground during the event.
    • Ensuring vehicles travel at or below the 8km speed limit.
    • Erecting traffic signage when and were required.

Would you like to join the Legends of Traffic?


If you would like to be one of the patron saints of travellers at Blazing Swan, no we don’t mean
the usual St Christopher we radically include Saint Brendan of Clonfert or Bona of Pisa into the

As Traffic Angels you:

  • Are uncomplicated.
  • Are a protector, a guide.
  • Are a problem solver.
  • Are a calmer, a healer.
  • Have a constitution of tireless zeal.
  • Relish being in service to as many as 3,000 Blazers making Jilikan Rock City, Kulin their
  • Are already living the 11 Principles of Blazing Swan, freely interpreting them and
    colouring them with your own creative thought.

If this resonates with you, then WE WANT YOU!

We will be providing training to ALL Traffic Angels prior to the event and on-the-job training
during the event, and if there are any issues that you can’t solve during your shift you can use
your radio to contact designated people for assistance.