Theme Camp Transport To Blazing Swan 2020

By March 6, 2020 Theme Camp
As most are aware, and as part of our support package to Theme Camps, each year Blazing Swan offers the transportation of bulky items for Theme Camps to JRC.
This includes transport up to;
  • 1 cubic metre or 1 IBC or
  • 2 Pallets stackable
  • And some long items where they can fit

Items will need to be dropped at Swan’s Nest (38 Amherst Street Fremantle) between 10am-7pm from 18th March through 25th March 2020.

All items for transport:

  • Must be secured to a Pallet or placed in an IBC
  • Pallets/IBCs are supplied by the Theme Camp
  • IBC’s are to be filled level, NOT overflowing and all items preferably covered with a tarp or plastic protection from the weather.
  • Must be clearly labelled with Theme Camp Name and contact details
  • Must not include flammables of any kind. No fuel cans, LPG tanks or canisters. Note this includes the small fuel propellant for portable cookers. Eg. Gas Mate
To take part in this service, you’ll need to book a drop off time with Rye, Nest Manager.

Further requirements, questions or to arrange to drop off including post-event collection please contact Rye on 0457356425 or preferably via messenger “Ryan Link”

Thanks, Comms Team on behalf of Rye, Nest Manager and Event Transport.