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Building and running a Theme Camp is hard work and often requires knowledge of lots of different information to ensure success. This page aims to provide a more detailed set of resources for Theme Camps to draw upon.

Theme Camp and Art Safety Induction Packs

Theme Camp and Artwork (TCA) Leads

As you are hopefully already aware, Jilakin Rock City operates as a construction site prior to gate-open and after gate-close.  At those times, Theme Camp and Artwork (TCA) Leads are responsible for ensuring their work crews operate on-site in accordance with Worksafe requirements.

All TCA Leads must provide and maintain a safe work environment during the construction and pack down of their work sites.

TCA Work Crew Leads must register at HQ immediately on arrival, where the Blaze Risk Team (aka Fun Police) will run the Lead through a quick site induction to communicate essential site-wide operations, layout, radio, medical and evacuation information. The lead must then pass on that essential info to all their work crew.

Note that TCA Work Crew Leads remain responsible for managing OHS in their own theme camp and/or artwork build areas. However to help those Leads with minimal knowledge or time to develop an OHS induction package, the very generous OHS guru’s in the Fun Police have kindly prepared the attached induction package for you to use and/or to refine to create one that addresses the unique work activities and safety issues specific to your work site.

TC&A Pre Arrival OHS Induction

TC&A On Site OHS Induction

This OHS induction package is a GIFT and NOT COMPULSORY but if someone gets hurt on your work site and you don’t have your own OHS package, it might save your ass if Worksafe or lawyers come knocking at your door.

Of course, PDF documents don’t implement themselves … so you’ll need to do more than save it on your iPad.  Print it up and once on-site but before you start work, get all your crew to read it and most important>>> sign their names on the hardcopy.

The Fun Police also strongly recommend you keep hardcopy Emergency Contact information and relevant Medical information in sealed envelopes (for privacy) for each of your Work Crew in case it is needed in an Emergency.

We look forward to seeing you out at JRC.  If you have any immediate (pre-mobilisation to Kulin) OHS queries, get in touch with the Blaze Fun Police via safety@blazingswan.com.au

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Safety Shaz


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Food & RSA

If your Theme Camp is gifting food we recommend you complete some basic food safety training. Kulin’s council training can be found here: www.roeroc.imalert.com.au

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  • Transport
  • Recruiting and retaining volunteers
  • Structural components
  • Waste management
  • Food
  • Electrical
  • Weather planning
  • emergency plans
  • evacuation plans