Tell me… What is a Theme Camp?


When a group of participants comes together in the spirit of communal effort to create and gift interactive experiences to other participants at a burn, that’s a theme camp.

Theme camps might bring music and performance, food or beverage, crafts or workshops, meditative spaces or education – there’s no one thing that theme camps are about. 

Information about some past theme camps is here.


Tell me… How do I bring a Theme Camp to the Blazing Swan Event?


Creating a theme camp can take some time and commitment, and even some hard work, but it can be very rewarding as well.

All theme camps are required to operate safely, in compliance with local and state laws, and in accordance with the 11 principles.  

Registering your theme camp gets you access to an official spot on the map & in the ‘Where’s the Fun’ guide, and also grants you access to support and advice from Blazing Swan Inc (‘the org’) and from a network of other camps. 

Support provided by the org includes advice and guidance on operating safely, and might include things like early access to site for builds, or reserved tickets depending on need.

Expressions of Interest for the 2024 Event closed on Friday 25th November. No camp is 100% good to go until they’re out on the dust with safety checks signed off. This is just first step in the process, but there’s a team and the community here to help you see it through.


Tell me… How do I join a Theme Camp?


Thinking of dipping your toes in burning waters and want to do it from the safety of a camp? Had a great time at a specific camp and want to gift some time or resources to helping the camp out? 

Joining a camp can be a great way to participate, gift your time and skills, and learn more about our community and our principles, but it’s not the only way – volunteering for a crew is also rewarding, and it’s not a requirement to join a camp to participate in a burn. 

Theme camps are groups of participants who’ve come together to gift an experience to the burn. While registered theme camps work with Blazing Swan Inc (the org) to make sure they operate safely and show up on the map, theme camps are separate from the org, and each camp has its own criteria and process for bringing in new helpers or new members. 

If you’re keen to join a camp, participating in the community outside of the burn (through social media and other burner events through the year) is the best way to get to know about any theme camp or volunteer opportunities that become available.


Tell me…. More


Everyone involved in your Theme Camp should read both the regular Blazing Swan Survival Guide and the Theme Camps Survival Guide.

More information and links to resources will be provided to Theme Camps when they register.

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