All participants are encouraged to bring their gift of performance, art or shared experience to the Blazing Swan Event in the spirit of PARTICIPATION and GIFTING. Groups of participants with a common vision can join together in the spirit of COMMUNAL EFFORT and apply to Blazing Swan Inc. (BSI) to be registered as a Theme Camps at a Blazing Swan Event. BSI is supportive of the presence of Theme Camps at BSI Events as significant contributors towards the positive experience of Event participants and the advancement of Burner culture.

Creating a Theme Camp takes commitment and time. It can be hard work, but also rewarding.  Blazing Swan’s Theme Camp Support Team is here to assist you and answer your questions.  Contact them at


You can get a link to an online Registration Form by emailing between mid-October and mid-December.  Start filling in your Registration Form as soon as possible – there’s always less time than you think when it comes to getting ready to Blaze.  Blazing Swan will review your Registration around mid-January and provisionally approve your Theme Camp’s appearance at the Blazing Swan event.  Final approval to open to the public at the event at Easter will depend upon your Theme Camp meeting all the State and Local Government and Blazing Swan safety requirements.  The Theme Camp Support Team will be there to help you tick all the necessary boxes.

As part of Registration your Theme Camp will be allocated a place in the Theme Camp zone of the event site and your Theme Camp details will be included in the event guide and map.  Blazing Swan Incorporated provides a support package to Theme Camps each year which includes some assistance with tickets, transport, onsite services and extended access to the event site to set up and pack down your camp.


Theme Camps are responsible for complying with all applicable State and Local Government laws and regulations.


Theme Camps structures that are accessible to the public must meet minimum standards for safe construction and safe operation.  You will be asked to provide a drawing of your Theme Camps layout, showing public and private areas, and the location and dimensions of any publicly accessible structures.


Everyone involved in your Theme Camp should read both the regular Blazing Swan Survival Guide and the Theme Camps Survival Guide.

More information and links to resources will be provided to Theme Camps when they register.