The Guides of Camping

Blazing Swan, a regional Burning Man, is understood not only as an event, but as a way of life lived consistently with these 11 Principles that are our guiding values.  Our Guides of Camping uphold these core values as Camping Guides.  We are the people that guide you home to the beautiful life distraction that is Blazing Swan. We are the people that make the home Jilakin Rock City, Kulin less confusing for where the wild things live.

We acknowledge the traditional custodians of the land where our event is held – the Njaki Njaki Noongar people and their Elders past, present and emerging. We acknowledge and respect their continuing culture and the contribution they make to the life of this country and this region.

We welcome the stranger.  This is who we are and who you will be.

What We Do, and How We Do It


  • We erect camping signage to show where camping is permitted, clearly designating access paths and fire breaks
    • Having some of the Guides start several days prior to Event Opening
  • We meet happy smiley Blazers after they’ve already come through the Gate, met the Greeters and been given directions by our Traffic Marshalls.  We’ll also meet Blazers who are tired, confused, frustrated, impatient and possibly at the end of their tether.
    • Providing emotional first aid and micro-sustenance
  • We help guide participant’s vehicles safely into and within the camping areas.
    • Reminding Blazers of the 8km speed limit on site.
    • Giving Blazers clear directions to get to the available spaces in the camping areas
    • Monitoring accessways and firebreaks to ensure they are kept clear
  • We give campers handy tips on safe camping and vehicle parking
    • Directing campers to never place their tents in front or behind their vehicle, so vehicles can not roll over tents
    • Instructing campers to use wheels chocks on their vehicles, caravans, campers and trailers
    • Giving advice to campers about the use of ground anchors and preparing for adverse weather
    • Reminding campers to set up lights on their guy ropes and cap and pegs on stakes to make them safe
    • Warning operators of generators to direct the exhaust away from anywhere where people might be sleeping
  • We share our experience from many years camping at Blazing Swan
    • Encouraging new arrivals to make friends with their neighbours
    • Helping campers negotiate respectful relations with their neighbours
  • We build, maintain, and promote a culture of  Consent.
    • Modeling and encouraging best practice in Consent, including
      • Not making unsolicited sexual remarks or comments about someone else’s body
      • Not touching anyone without their enthusiastic consent
      • Not taking photos of someone without their enthusiastic consent
      • Not treating someone else’s body like a commodity without their enthusiastic consent
      • Always taking NO” for an answer and leave the person alone
      • Always taking no answer or silence as a “NO” answer

Helping You Helping Us


We will provide

  • Hi-vis gear
  • A handheld UHF radio
  • Traffic Wand and torch (at night)
  • Utility bag and tools
  • A meet-up point at the start of your shift
  • Pre-Event and Onsite Training
  • Briefings on weather and other site issues
  • Backup assistance via radio and in person

You will bring

  • Are uncomplicated approach
  • A desire to be a protector and guide
  • A talent for problem solving
  • A calm, healing nature
  • Tireless zeal
  • An enthusiasm for serving as many as 3,000 Blazers making Jilikan Rock City, Kulin their home.
  • A committment to the Blazing Swan 11 Principles
  • An ambition to become a Patron Saint of the Great Outdoors – like these folk

So if this resonates with you, then

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