The first Temple on the Burning Man playa was created in 2000 when David Best and Jack Haye brought the Temple of the Mind. When their friend and fellow builder Michael Hefflin died in a motorcycle accident, the Temple of the Mind became a memorial to him. Fellow participants at the event quickly began leaving remembrances of their loved ones as well, and the first Burning Man Temple was born.

At Blazing Swan, we build a Temple each year.  Each of us brings our own stories and our own feelings to the Temple.  Hope, closure, forgiving and forgiveness, letting go and finding connection, reflection and rejection.  Each person’s experience may be very different and we only ask that you respect each person’s presence there, and the messages they leave there.

The Temple Burn, usually Sunday evening weather pemitting, is a quiet Burn

The Blazing Swan Arts Department are delighted to announce the Temple design for Blazing Swan 2024 – Temple of Triscendence brought to you by Neesh Peacock and crew.

Temple 2023.  Photo Deric.  Design and Build by Clinton Matthews and crew.

Temple 2021, ‘Chakiara’.  Design and Build by Ronnie Broad and crew.

Temple 2019. Photo Giselle Natassia. Design and build Neesh Peacock and crew

Temple 2018.  Photo Deric.  Design and Build Jack Rose and crew.

Blazing Swan 2017 - Photo by Giselle Natassia

Temple 2017.  Photo Giselle Natassia

Temple 2016

Temple 2015.  Photo Deric Martin.

Temple 2014.  Photo Giselle Natassia

Temple Burn 2023.  Photo Deric.

Temple Burn 2021

Temple Burn 2019

Temple Burn 2018

Temple Burn 2017. Photo Christian Clowes

Temple Burn 2016