Theme Camp Grants 2019

By February 5, 2019 Committee, Theme Camp
At the theme camp meeting held in late 2018, it was stated that theme camp grants may not continue in 2019. Blazing Swan Inc. had been struggling financially for the last couple of years for a number of reasons and to provide upwards of $50,000 to theme camps (as well as discounted tickets) would have been detrimental to the viability of the event. However, a firm decision would not be made until the full cost of expenses for Blazing Swan had been determined.
This has now been completed and, unfortunately, we are not in a position to offer theme camps grants for 2019.
We are however committed to assisting theme camps as we see them as the soul of Blazing Swan.
This year we have provided support to theme camps by:
* offering reduced price tickets (costing $49k);
* supplying power at no cost (costing $30k); and
* will assist in the transport of camp infrastructure and facilities at no cost (costing ($10k).
In real terms, this is providing assistance to camps at a cost of close to $89,000, this is on top of the $30,000 given to Art Grants and the $110,000 the Nest costs. As a result of not providing theme camp grants, Blazing Swan Inc. will be in a better financial position going into the future.
Blazing Swan Inc. will review theme camp grants for 2020. However, the preference would be to offer broader infrastructure and logistics assistance, such as outlined above, over providing direct cash grants.
Blazing Swan Inc. Committee