Blazing Swan has a temporary physical existence but for many of us memories and connections created will last a lifetime ❤️. JRC is created in a temporary space by people who happen to align, coming together to gift their energies, without any one group of people Blazing Swan doesn’t exist.
And with that in mind; special thanks go to the extraordinary effort from those who volunteer tirelessly behind the scenes and made Blazing Swan 2021 Phoenix what it was: Our Committee and Event Sub-Committee, Fun Police/Safety, Fire, Kitchen, DPW, Greeters, Gate, Ranger Teams, Temple & Effigy build crews, Fires, Cleaners, Medical, Comms, Theme Camp team, ALL the Theme Camps, the Artists, DMT and mutant vehicles artists, Traffic and of course MOOP Troop who are currently working away hard at what’s left of JRC as it returns back to the dust for another year.
And of course, thank you to all our beautiful participants, where would we be without people to gift art, music and experiences to? Thank you to you all for joining us on this journey.
As we enter back into default world you are likely to feel a range of emotions, be kind to yourselves and we hope that your transition is peaceful.
If you are looking to further connect with the community then check out The Blazing Swan Community Page. It is a great space to connect with other blazers and burners, relive memories and look to create new ones. Blazing Swan is not just an annual event, our principles aim to guide our everyday lives and this is a good place to get involved. You can find more information on our website and in the Survival Guide.
And finally, a note about posting images. Often we see a massive amount of images and video being shared to social media post-event. And whilst it can be a great way to express how your journey went, please be considerate of others. JRC is not the default world – that’s why we love it, consider whether you have consent from those around you who were caught in your image or video and perhaps don’t want it escaping to normality. It’s ok not to post, you have nothing to prove. Sometimes, just experiencing the moment is enough.
Again, thank you for your support 💖
📷: Deric Martin Photography