Test, Tagging & More Safety Volunteers Needed

By January 28, 2019 Safety

Testing and Tagging of Electrical Equipment
Camps can get their electrical equipment tested and tagged at the Nest from now until the 10th March. They have been asked to please place all of their equipment in a storage container with their name and contact details clearly written. If you have any Fun Police equipment that requires tagging, now is the time to get it to the Nest.


This is an important safety requirement, so please help us promote this within our community as we have very limited resources to tag equipment on site at Kulin. 






Are you an experienced Safety professional who is interested in providing OHS support to our Temple and Effigy Build crews, DPW and Theme Camp Construction crews at Kulin for Blazing Swan 2019? OHS opportunities are available for pre-event activities in the lead up to Blazing Swan. I’m looking for at least three more Safety people.




We are looking for Sound Engineers or Music Industry Professionals with an in depth understanding of sound systems, to ensure our Sound Camps are not running their sound systems at dangerous levels, and to help them dial in optimal gain structure to get the best out of their equipment. In the interest of public safety and enjoyment! 


We already have 4 on the sound team, but we need 3 more people to lighten the load. Sound Police will only work 1 day during the whole event. Talk to your “sound specialist” mates. Get them involved.


All applications are to be emailed to safety@blazingswan.com.au and must state your relevant Safety/Sound work experience and qualifications.


Please also note if you have attended any other Blazes, Burns or similar events. All volunteer shifts are flexible and varied, and we are happy to discuss and negotiate with you to meet your availability.