Temple Design for Blazing Swan 2024 selected.

By November 18, 2023 November 19th, 2023 Art

The Blazing Swan Arts Department are delighted to announce the temple design for Blazing Swan 2024 – Temple of Triscendence brought to you by Neesh Peacock and crew.

The Temple of Triscendence is an invitation to each of us to explore our sense of ourselves and the journey we each take and make through life.  We hope you find solace and inspiration in these beautiful spaces.  The full extent of our griefs, our pain and our disappointments are ultimately unknowable to anyone but ourselves, but we can find comfort in the beauty of nature and art, and most of all in each other.  Neesh and crew’s gift to our community this year will be a Temple that we hope you will make your own, and a special place for others.