Temple 2019

By December 30, 2018 Art, Volunteer

The Temple is set to bring our homes’ spiritual heart back to the playa this year.

As we shift personally and globally towards a deeper understanding of ourselves and fellow humans, it is now time to hush the unproductive thought and open our hearts to embrace all that is good from within ourselves and build the loving relationships that support us as a species.

2019 Temple draws you in physically before releasing you into your own inward attention, where self-reflection can resonate with structure, absorbing your wished releases. Personal journey into Temple is YOUR time to be, to be with your thoughts, to allow clarity, and to let the space support and provide. Representation of knowing outside challenges whilst staying true to itself, Temple awaits, allowing for your unwanted energy to be taken, to burn out, allowing you to re-emerge from the dark towards the being you are destined to be. One that is true to itself, true to others, creative, supportive, ceaseless, mortal whilst immortal.

Day and night, Temple will embrace and support our community, sitting strong within its own but connected domain.

Peace and Love,

Temple Crew