Prepare for Blazing Swan

The Survival Guide is a free download that outlines what you need to do to prepare for Blazing Swan. Read up on:

  • How to prepare, what to expect
  • What to bring, what not to bring
  • What the local weather is like
  • Useful words to learn, like “Sparkle Pony”

With over 30 pages of “actual information” and photos of unicorns and rainbows, it will make you wonder what the hell you’re getting into at Blazing Swan!

Download the Survival Guide

Survival Guide for Theme Camps

This new Survival Guide gives you an overview for bringing a Theme Camp to Blazing Swan, which includes:

  • How to nominate & register
  • Design and planning information
  • Safety requirements
  • Timelines and deadlines

For this and more information about Theme Camps, visit our Theme Camp Hub.

Download the Survival Guide for Theme Camps