Disclaimer: There are many ways to livestream events and take part in Virtual Perception. This guide has been prepared for those looking to use the structure/framework provided by Blazing Swan.


A Quick Guide to Livestreaming

Most devices and platforms will offer a form of livestreaming. You can use Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and Twitch across both desktop and mobile devices.

Blazing Swan has proposed that Twitch be the platform of choice due to its less restrictive copyright process and that it will allow Theme Camps and potenially other artists and participants to take place in our “Twitchwall” – a multistream shown on our website’s front page.

However, these are just suggestions and we encourage everyone to find their a way to self-express in a manner that suits them and their own thoughts around safety and security online.


I’d like for my event to be involved in Virtual Perception

Fantastic! We’d love to have you on board and will do our best to make this as inclusive as possible. Our priority will be to the 2020 Theme Camps and artists who were already registered for the event. From there we will look to members of the community.

There is a limited time before this event starts, and a large community to consider – we ask that you are considerate about what can realisitically be achieved and number of events that can be progress. In all cases we will make every effort to provide and support as much as we can.


Our suggested process for hosting a live event is:

  • Start a Facebook event – this will allow other participants to know what’s coming up
    • Start promoting your event – this could be with your friends, your camp members, and wider into the Community – such as the Blazing Swan Community Page
    • We recommend that your livestream is linked within this event when you go live.
  • We recommend using Twitch as a livestreaming platform – it is less restrictive with regards to terms of services and copyright, it also allows us to feature your stream on the “Twitchwall”
  • For Theme Camps and Artists registered for the now cancelled 2020 event who intend to take part and would like to be included within the proposed framework – please provide your Twitch ID asap to comms@blazingswan.com.au for inclusion
  • To be included in the WTS (Where’s The Stream) calendar shown on the website – please complete the WTS Entry Form


Key & Other Events

We are currently working to provide service to other key elements that would typically make up Blazing Swan. For exmaple, the greeters have been contacted, and we’re already looking at how burn events that could be streamed to the public. Stay tuned to the website for further information.

Also under consideration are online spaces for the community to meet and connect. At present this looks like some 2 hour ‘community’ spaces dotted around the event, opening up Zoom rooms for the community to connect in.