Shortlist; Blazing Swan 2021 Theme

By November 7, 2020 November 8th, 2020 Committee, Communications, Community, Events, Participate

As you may be aware we called out to the community to provide a theme for the 2021 event should it go ahead.

In total, we received 18 submissions – so thank you to everyone who got involved.

The Committee have now narrowed this down to 5 submissions… and now we’d like your input to help make a decision.

Naming the event is more than just a name – it helps drive an entire theme. That name drives our event’s direction, it helps provide inspiration to the artists, the theme camps, the vehicles, the events that are gifted and often to many of the participants that attend. We’ve provided the submissions below (in no particular order) for consideration before voting.

Voting is held on our Community Facebook page.


 Why have you picked this name? 

2020 was the year we got our perception shifted due to covid. It was, is and will be the resilience of the community and its individuals that allow us to continue and grow. We can celebrate and honour that with stories and faces of who and what people have overcome before and after covid.

I would hope this name and the event would have the following reasonace with blazers

‘ I am stronger that I thought possible and have overcome more than I could imagine. Together this community can rise up and burn brighter than every before and lead the way. ‘


Please explain your ideas/ concept for artwork and branding for your submission

The image could be a swan/phoenix, with a background of either faces or names of the blazers.

Very hunger games mokingjay vibes as not only do we need to be resilient to biological changes to the world but also to political ones.

As for the community made art that can be engaged with on a representation of definition 1. ” the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties; toughness”

I see alot of interactive things that are destoryed and rebuilt


The second definition ‘ability of a substance or object to spring back into shape”

Lots of elasticity, sping based art. Maybe even a slime pit or oblec party.


 Why have you picked this name? 

A phoenix is a mythological bird that cyclically regenerates or is otherwise born again. Associated with fire and the sun, a phoenix obtains new life by arising from the ashes of its predecessor.

As Blaze was very sadly unable to proceed in 2020 due to the pandemic, the 2021 festival will be reborn in fire, much like the fabled phoenix.

The phoenix is a symbol of renewal and healing, which is what will be embodied in next year’s festival.

The creature is often renowned to be a creature of fire, which is reborn in flames, which will be perfect for the actual burn itself.


Please explain your ideas/ concept for artwork and branding for your submission

The artwork for the festival can feature the fiery creature itself, as well as the flames of its wings. I am not artistically talented myself, however a quick image search online shows many beautiful phoenix pictures that can be used as inspiration.

The theme will also encourage the community to wear beautiful feather and flame clothing which could be interpreted in a variety of ways.

I would be incredible if a large Phoenix were constructed to be burned as the main event, with a smaller baby phoenix remaining in the ashes.


 Why have you picked this name? 

Its fitting post lockdown and after Blaze surviving 2020


Please explain your ideas/ concept for artwork and branding for your submission

Graphically – can be represented by butterfly / cocoon / chrysalis Or… new growth – ie spring energy / green plant theme. Could also have a futuristic / scifi twist.. newness.


We had 4 suggestions for this name, so have ‘cherry-picked’ some of the wording from submitted

 Why have you picked this name? 

After the year the world has faced, I feel it is only fitting that the next Blaze embodies this. We have all been through our personal hell’s and the next Blazing Swan can be our chance to “ascend”. Almost like a Phoenix rising.


After a time wandering the veil of tears, Blaze descends to rescue the worthy and bear them upon its wings to a garden of delights. Also good because the Rapture has been scheduled at various dates in the past by enthusiastic churchmen and cultists alike, and failed to occur on schedule, so if Blaze needs to be cancelled due to COVID again, it will be funny for The Rapture to be adjourned.


Please explain your ideas/ concept for artwork and branding for your submission

The second coming of a Jesus swan, floating in the sky with its wings out, and all the little cignets rising up to it.

A beam of light shining down on archaic letters

The Swan should be more open and pointing to the sky as if sheparding us to the skies above.

Altered Perception

 Why have you picked this name? 

I believe “Perception” is too good a name to go unused, it should not fall victim to COVID. At the same time it feels wrong to use exactly the same name again.

“Altered Perception” strikes a balance, it is new enough to inspire more creativity, while at the same time allowing everything that was made for “Perception” to still be used. Think of the Effigy for example, and of course other artworks.


Please explain your ideas/ concept for artwork and branding for your submission

“Perception” artwork was ready to go as far as I know. If any merchandise is left with “Perception” printed on it, it can still be used with small modifications.