Scam Warning

By March 24, 2019 Tickets

Sadly as we get close to the Blaze (like other ticket events) a certain ugly non-Community element shows up – scammers.

They are luckily few and far between but they can still be a problem.

The only 100% safe and guaranteed way to get a ticket is from the official outlet here.

Buying a resold ticket elsewhere (Facebook etc.) comes with no guarantee and sadly the Organisation and/or Quicket can’t help you if it turns out to be a scam. Do your homework on the seller if you really still want to go down this path!

Another note on tickets.

Ticket sales typically close 2 weeks before the event opens – let’s face it – if you haven’t started preping, packing and planning yet you might be leaving things a little late (just like you got in on Early Bird ticket sales right?)

Gate tickets are available for those genuine last minute scenarios or mistakes but they are $350 cash only and are limited.

Don’t get “burnt” before your Blaze even starts!