It is the event you have all been waiting for!!

FINALLY… the FOURTH official Blazing Swan Recombobulation, and boy do we have some awesome acts, surprises and music to keep you entertained from 5pm and onward to MIDNIGHT.

The NEW Blazing Swan Committee has been toiling hard and hooking up with some of your favorite Theme Camps in a massive collaborative effort to transform The Nest into an amazing venue chocked full of the finest BLAZE creatives for this iteration of our revered jewel in the crown event RECOMBOBULATION.


Recombobulation 2019 Logo


Any Blazer worth their salt knows that ‘BAT COUNTRY’ is the event of LORE that we have ALL been waiting for…and WHY NOT, considering Kulin, The Home of Blazing Swan is host to a colony of rare MICROBATS who make their home amongst the Salmon Gums and caves!

Micro Bats are a highly diverse group of smaller and mainly insectivorous bats, and they can consume up to half their body weight in food each night, so do what the micro bats do and joins us in gorging yourself with fine beverages and delightful food whilst witnessing all of the outrageous music and performance the COMMUNITY has to offer at the house that SWAN built!


As part of our Civic Responsibility let’s get utterly BATTY whilst raising awareness for our fine, furry, flying, native friends and dress in something loosely based on the theme!?


As Promised we have THE BEST of the best in Blaze DJ’s and Entertainment as well as delicious food and beverages for the duration of the event but we dont want to give away all of our surprises at once – We will be releasing this information on the Facebook event page WEEKLY in the lead up to the event so stay tuned and get those tixs!



Some Details;

  • Event runs 5pm – midnight
  • As always, be a responsible, environmentally conscious Blazer and BYO CUP!
  • Tickets ARE EXTREMELY LIMITED due to the size of The Nest and will sell fast so take advantage of the pre-sale get booking to avoid bitter disappointment.
  • Bring cash for any Theme Camp market stalls that may not have cashless facilities.


Want in? Get Your Tickets Here!


Just Some of the Nights Action!

Chainsaw Cobra / Tarantism

The unmistakable scent of high octane fuel and bar oil fills the air of Recombobulation: Bat Country, as the chainsaw wielding maniac ‘TARANTISM’, moonlighting with the King Cobra takes to the TuneIn stage to smash your eardrums with unrelenting techno!

The KING CAMP of techno, ‘CHAINSAW COBRA’ gets nasty and spits its deadly venom at Blazing Swan and turns up the heat with neurotoxins from 8pm!

The Church of Belligerence / DJ Slizz Mary

The Sultry house DJ and main mistress of mayhem at The Church of Belligerence, SLIZZ MÄRY, has an extremely diverse back catalogue of many musical genres.

DJ SLIZZ notoriously hammered the Church goers for 12 hours straight at Blazing Swan with a barrage of Cock Rock during the infamous Cock Rock Lock in… many unmentionable acts were witnessed by the handful of starry eyed Acolytes, never to be unseen..!

Who knows what is going to happen when C.o.B Chaos manifests on the TuneIn stage and SLIZ reaches deep, deep down into her magical ball sack of infectious gifts!!

FIND OUT at 6pm during RECOMBOBULATION: Bat Country!!

Kamp Koasis / Tundra

TUNDRA is fresh to death, a newcomer with an extreme talent for fusing world music with rap, trap, deep juicy beats and ethnic bass…the result is AWESOME!!

If you caught TUNDRA at KOASIS during ‘Happy as Larry’… you know now, that there is no better reason to grab a ticket to ‘Bat Country’.
From 8pm this little ripper will be upping the party notch and tearing up the main stage with infectious grooves that will give you NO option but to boogie!!

Treetops / Major Keyz

You want HOUSE!? No Problem RECOMBOBULATION: Bat Country is here to please.
At 8pm on the ‘FreakOut’ stage we are rolling out the stupidly talented, Camp Treetops front man ‘mAjor kEyz’… ALL OF THE HOUSE!!!
From Techy Thumpers to vocal pumpers, this high energy madman is on a mission to get those feet movin and your smile groovin!!

RECOMBOBULATION is shaping up to be an event NOT to be missed!

Tickets here;

Website here;

Microbats / Eco Action (Stall)

Did you know that we are living beside bats all around the Perth area? Microbats!

Come and learn about microbats before the event starts with Eco Action.

Eco Action will be running a bat information stall with some live bats with Zoologist and bat carer, Tony Hodge! Learn how you can help to protect these incredible creatures.

Eco Action is a newly formed Freo- based environmental education group who focuses on empowering the local community with the knowledge to take action to preserve the environment.

Tickets here;

Website here;

Get batty with Eco Action here;

Kamp Koasis /Jerome

Another massive act hits the TuneIn Stage for RECOMBOBULATION; Bat Country!

Blaze crowd favourite JEEROME is a music producer, DJ and enthusiast renowned for his meticulously crafted party-punching productions.

Always on the hunt for the wobbliest sounds and grooves known to man, JEROME aims to please our ears with a mix of bass, glitch and funk from 9pm!

Tickets here;

Website here;

Listen to JEROME here;

Alliance/Elkymbo Vs Where's Gooders

When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro…and these two batty, Blazing Swan beatniks are as pro as they get when it comes down to the party!

Welcome to your RECOMBOBULATION: ‘Bat Country’ headliners…Alliances very own legends of interstellar lunacy ElKymbo and Where’s Gooders!

Armed with a proton torpedo chock full of explosive, electro house they are aiming to land the good stuff right in your exhaust port and finish this evening… BAT COUNTRY…with a BANG!!

Although we have announced these Jedi of Gonzo as our main act, there is still HEAPS of performance news to come, so stay tuned and get those tickets before the nest reaches capacity!

Church of Belligerence Merch (Stall)

We will have some theme camp stalls set up in and Recombob!

The infamous CHURCH OF BELLIGERENCE brings its Church Merch to RECOMBOBULATION-
Get fitted out in the most disgustingly belligerent threads this side of JRC and help support your favourite dark temple in their attempts to destroy all that is sparkly and pastel at Blazing Swan and beyond!
CoB, The Church you love to hate since 2016!

Dream Gallery (Stall)

The guys from Dream Gallery will be selling Miso Mushroom soup at Recombob.

Dream Gallery is a theme camp of Blazing Swan….A space to breathe, to dream, to share

Polycamperous / HeavyT

On FreakOut stage is the DJ that just loves to SWING.

Hailing from the extreme beauty of The Ningaloo region of WA, HeavyT pops up at Blazing Swan to help the people party along to his diverse beats at BIG camps such as Koasis, God Said No, Papazhans and Treetops!

The promiscuous HeavyT has been mastering his unique blend of Soul Grooves to Jackin’ House for over a decade and is chomping at the bit to deliver you all a pleasurable earful at RECOMBOBULATION from 7pm!!

Tickets here;

Website here;

HeavyT here;

Bird Nest / Papa Bird

The Main Stage ~ TuneIn, gets fired up right before our headliners at RECOMBOBULATION; Bat Country, when Ben Revel, a.k.a PAPA BIRD hits the decks and smashes out some of his genre hopping blends of House, Disco and Rave to get you all revved up for the night ahead!

PAPA BIRD is the resident disk spinning feathered friend of Birds Nest notoriety at Blazing Swan so expect the same moist, drippy mess on THE NEST dance floor in Freo from 10pm!!

Check our about section for full lineup details and other juicy secrets as we drop our guts in preparation for RECOMBOBULATION in 16 days!!!😱

Tickets here;

Website here;

Styx the Stygian Saloon (Stall)

Take a stroll down ‘Johnny Depp Lane’ at Recombob…..

Hark and behold! From the depths of the river Styx the Stygian saloon has ventured forth to peddle their wares. A selection of oddities has been assembled for the purpose of funding more oddities, from the disjointed dolls that haunt the saloon to picture frames encompassing the passage of madness.

Perfect for the family home or Halloween presents for that oddball you know.


We’ve covered off on a bunch of DJ’s to whet your insatiable Blaze appetite so far but RECOMBOBULATION; Bat Country, is NOT all about the music…we got entertainment to please and tempt as well!!

We introduce DANCEOPIA!!

We all know and love this roving group of Blaze Dance Darlings from many memorable moments at Blazing Swan and beyond.

Danceopia never fail to bring a smile to our bewildered faces as they groove and glide and slink and slide across any given celebratory location…whether it be over the baked Kulin crust, an exquisitely polished ballroom floor or the concrete interior of industry at The Nest!

Come one and all and witness the splendour as Danceopia pop up all over the place, all night with impromptu dance magic!!

Alliance / All The Lights

We ain’t letting up yet, oh no!!
MORE performance excitement from the RECOMBOBULATION; Bat Country event team and the broader community as we present to you ‘All The Lights’!!

Calling ALLIANCE home, All The Lights have been pleasing crowds at Blazing Swan and related events for years now, wowing audiences with their array of glowing tools accentuated by flowing movement and dance.

For your viewing pleasure, All The Lights will be roving through The Nest on the night to help your visual journey at ‘Bat Country’ come ALIVE!!

The Important Stuff…

$40 door sales may be available if the event does not sell out (500 tickets total).

The event is fully licenced and strictly 18+. Bring your ID or no entry.

Bags will be checked at the door for alcohol. No BYO. Please do not try to compromise the license.

Ticket Terms and Conditions

Yes, like everyone we have some rules – or at least some things you need to be aware of before you purchase tickets.

Please read our Terms & Conditions (below) before you purchase your tickets.

Tickets FAQ

Important!! Please read the ticket FAQs below about purchasing tickets or selling your ticket.

  • Tickets are purchasable from Humanitix (shown above) priced $30+bf
  • If the tickets do not sell out you may be able to purchase on the door/night, they will be priced at $40
  • Ticket transfers will not be in place for this event
  • This event is strictly over 18’s only
  • The e-ticket provided to you when you purchased your ticket is your ticket to the event. Only one person per ticket will be admitted into the event. You need to safeguard your ticket, if someone else presents your ticket into the event, you will not be admitted.

Full Ticketing Terms and Conditions

Recombobulation – Bat Country – Terms and Conditions of Sale

This ticket is sold subject to Blazing Swan Incorporated – ABN 80 937300352 (Blazing Swan, Us, We) and any third party vendor’s ‘Terms and Conditions’ of sale which are available for review at the time of purchase. The Terms and Conditions of sale, entry and participants’ presence at Recombobulation – Bat Country (the “Event”) include the following terms:

By purchasing a ticket, including using the ticket transfer process, or attending the “Event” you agree to abide by these Terms and all Blazing Swan policies and recognise that all state and federal laws apply.

Tickets and Refunds

  1. Every participant in attendance at the “Event” is required to hold a valid ticket. 
  2. A change in personal circumstances of the Ticket Holder does not entitle the return or the exchange of the ticket.
  3. Tickets will not be refunded under any circumstances, including but not limited to, the possible non-appearance of any particular group expected by the Ticket Holder, a change to the advertised venue of the “Event”, or any adverse weather conditions
  4. Blazing Swan is not liable for acts of God, the weather, strikes, protests, or actions taken by government agencies and similar causes. You understand that tickets are non-refundable even if the “Event” is terminated early or cancelled, or entry conditions are modified, due to harsh weather, acts of nature, governmental regulation, the failure to obtain relevant permits, or conditions beyond Blazing Swan’s control.
  5. Notwithstanding the above, Blazing Swan has contingencies in place to endeavour to provide a refund to ticket holders in the “Event” of cancellation, subject to a successful claim against Blazing Swan Incorporated’s Cancellation Insurance.  If a refund is able to be made to ticket holders in the “Event” of a cancellation, the timing of such a refund will be after all necessary processes have been followed, which may take several months. Blazing Swan makes no guarantee on the timing of any refund. 
  6. By purchasing a ticket to the “Event”, you agree and acknowledge that you can afford to purchase that ticket and such a purchase will not cause a financial hardship to you or your family, whether the “Event” proceeds or not.
  7. Ticket holders may be asked to show photo identification along with their ticket upon entry to the “Event”. The name on the ticket must match the photo ID of the person attending the “Event”.
  8. General Entry tickets may not be resold above face value. If a ticket is resold then ownership must be transferred to the purchaser using the ticket transfer system provided by our ticketing vendor. Once the transfer is complete the original ticket will not be valid for entry to the “Event”.  Blazing Swan reserves the right to cancel any ticket which has been sold above face value.
  9. On arrival at the “Event”, ticket holders will be given a stamp which must be visible on the body for the duration of the “Event”.  If your stamp becomes damaged or unwearable, a replacement stamp will be issued from the door. A person at the “Event” without a valid stamp will be presumed not to hold a valid ticket and may be asked to leave.
  10. Lost, stolen or damaged tickets will not be replaced.
  11. Tickets are revocable licenses that may be revoked by Blazing Swan for any reason including, without limitation, resale for above face value, purchasing more than stated limits, assisting others with unauthorised or un-ticketed entry to the “Event” , breach of these Terms and Conditions, or conduct deemed by Blazing Swan to be unacceptable which includes but is not limited to conduct likely to threaten or cause harm to any other individual or disrupt the safe or compliant operation of the “Event”.
  12. Blazing Swan reserves the right to add, withdraw or substitute any elements of the program or vary the advertised Event ticket prices or patron capacity at any time.

Access to Area

  1. Tickets only provide access to areas which are indicated by signage at the “Event”.
  4. Participants must observe Blazing Swan’s arrival and departure times from the the event. General Admission will be no earlier than 5pm Saturday 21 September and must be vacated by midnight on 21 September. 
  5. Participants must follow the direction of all appointed Blazing Swan Event staff at all times.
  6. Community standards of behaviour are expected and persons deemed to be behaving in a manner that is dangerous or unacceptable by the “Event” Manager may be refused admission and/or removed from the event.
  7. Participants must remain within the “Event” site during the “Event”. Leaving the “Event” site will cause participants to no longer be covered by Blazing Swan’s Public Liability Insurance. 
  8. The following items are prohibited on the Event site without prior approval and pre-event registration by Blazing Swan: firearms, weapons, pyrotechnics, unregistered lasers, unregistered drones, unapproved vehicles, dogs or pets (assistance animals excepted).

Carers and assistance animals

  1. Participants at the “Event” who require the assistance of an approved carer (being a person who provides personal care, support and assistance to another individual who needs it because that other individual is a person with disability, who holds a WA Companion Card or equivalent) or a registered assistance animal may be accompanied by their bona fide carer or assistance animal as required.
  2. Every person at the “Event” is required to hold a valid ticket and comply with all terms and conditions and policies, whether they are a volunteer, carer or otherwise.  If you require the assistance of an approved carer in order to attend the “Event”, please contact to make enquiries about carer tickets.
  3. Because pets are not permitted, if you require your assistance animal with you in order to attend Recombobulation, we require that you pre-register your assistance animal by sending an email to in order for us to plan with you for your arrival and notify door staff of your attendance with an assistance animal.
  4. We warn all participants that the “Event” venue often presents unforgiving physical environments for humans and animals alike. Inclement weather, fire, loud noises, crowds and flashing lights are all common, and if any of these would be too uncomfortable or pose a risk for either you or your service animal we ask that you carefully consider these factors as you decide whether to participate, with or without your assistance animal.
  5. If you bring an assistance animal to the “Event”, you are required to ensure:
  1. the animal does not pose a risk or threat to any other person or assistance animals at the “Event” ;
  2. the health and safety of that animal at all times;
  3. the animal is in your control, or the control of a person known to you, at all times, which generally requires that the animal be on a leash or harness or in an appropriate enclosure.

Acceptance of risk and waiver of liability

  1. Purchase of ticket and/or entrance to the “Event” indicates acceptance of the following warning and waiver of liability: The property you will enter (i.e. Event venue) is a place where recreational services and activities are provided, where you are further warned and advised that the “Event” and/or the land it is staged on is an inherently dangerous place that may contain all manner of obstacles, risks and dangers, both known and unknown, natural and man-made which may result in loss or damage to your property, personal injury or even death. Knowing this to be the case you voluntarily assume the risk of serious injury or death if you choose to come onto the property and do so at your own risk, waiving and foregoing any rights to make claims for losses and injuries.
  3. You understand that during the “Event”, art installations, theme camps, vehicles (including but not limited to ‘mutant vehicles’ and ‘art cars’), events and performances will be held and/or on display and you understand that most of these activities are not owned or operated by Blazing Swan Incorporated, and YOU ASSUME ALL RISKS OF INJURY OR DEATH ARISING FROM THEIR OPERATION AND FROM PARTICIPATION IN ANY OF THESE ACTIVITIES, AND THE RELEASE IN PARAGRAPH 28 APPLIES TO ANY INJURY YOU MIGHT SUSTAIN RELATING TO YOUR PARTICIPATION IN ANY OF THESE ACTIVITIES.
  4. You understand that some participants at the “Event” may engage in expressive activity and dress, which may include partial nudity or nudity and other types of expressive activity. You agree that such expressive activity and dress is not indecent nor offensive to you, and that you have decided to attend the “Event” with full knowledge that such expressive activity and dress may occur. If you are accompanied by minors at the “Event”, you acknowledge that you have made a choice that the minors may be exposed to the expressive activities and dress that take place at the “Event”, and that you have exercised parental responsibility and control in bringing the minors to the “Event”. Should you find that any activity at the “Event” is offensive to you, or to any minors accompanying you, then you acknowledge that you can avoid such activity by, among other things, leaving the vicinity of the activity or leaving the “Event”.
  5. You understand and acknowledge that people are using film, video, and photographic cameras at the “Event”, and that your image may be captured on film, video, or photographs that may subsequently be displayed or disseminated without your consent or payment of compensation to you, and you release Blazing Swan Incorporated from any liability due to such capturing, display, or dissemination.

Unacceptable conduct

  1. Participants are expected to comply with applicable local, state and commonwealth laws, the Blazing Swan Principles and Blazing Swan Event policies, and to conduct themselves in a manner that does not threaten the health and safety of other participants, or cause damage to the “Event” venue, or damage/relocate the “Event” artworks or any other participants property. 
  2. If your conduct is deemed by the “Event” Manager to be unacceptable or dangerous and you are refused access or asked to leave the “Event”, then you must leave the site immediately. 
  3. The laws of Western Australia and Australia apply at all times, and Police have access to the site at their own discretion.  The Police may be called by Blazing Swan Event staff if it is deemed necessary to deal with any participant whose conduct is unacceptable or dangerous.
  4. Blazing Swan Incorporated reserves the right to take whatever measures it considers reasonable and necessary to protect its interests and the safety of participants at the “Event”.


  1. All bags/containers may be subject to a full search. NO ALCOHOL, NO GLASS, NO OPEN DRINK CONTAINERS. The “Event” area is licensed – alcohol must not to be brought into the Event: any found or discovered alcohol which was brought into the Event will be confiscated.  Glass must not be brought into the Event: any found will be confiscated.  Sealed drink containers will be permitted to be brought into the Event – the contents of any open container will NOT be permitted into the Event. 
  2. I understand that these Terms and Conditions may be changed by Blazing Swan prior to the “Event”, and if so, the revised Terms and Conditions will apply to me. The most current version can be found right here . My use of a ticket or other entry credential for entry to the “Event” signifies my binding agreement to the Terms and Conditions in effect at the time of my entry to Recombobulation.

How do I buy a ticket?

Tickets are available via our ticket provider Humanitix – you can purchase a ticket above

How do i transfer tickets to someone else?

Sorry, for this event tickets are non-refundable

Can I get a refund?

Sorry, all tickets are sold on a non-refundable basis

Can I bring my children?

Sorry, whilst many of our events are child-friendly, this event is strictly an 18+ event. You should bring suitable identification for entry

Will tickets sell out?

Tickets for Recombobulation have been limited to a total of 500. Once this limit is reached, the event will be considered full and no further tickets will be sold.

If we do not sell out, tickets will be available on the door for $40.