Recombobulation – Bat Country Update #3

By September 16, 2019 Events

Blazing Swan is proud to annouce the following confirmed acts for Recombobulation – Bat Country

Recombobulation isn’t just about awesome music, in this annoucment we’ve also got a stall annoucements too!


Let’s find out what’s happening during the night!


When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro…and these two batty, Blazing Swan beatniks are as pro as they get when it comes down to the party!

Welcome to your RECOMBOBULATION: ‘Bat Country’ headliners…Alliances very own legends of interstellar lunacy ElKymbo and Where’s Gooders!

Armed with a proton torpedo chock full of explosive, electro house they are aiming to land the good stuff right in your exhaust port and finish this evening… BAT COUNTRY…with a BANG!!

Although we have announced these Jedi of Gonzo as our main act, there is still HEAPS of performance news to come, so stay tuned and get those tickets before the nest reaches capacity!


We will have some theme camp stalls set up in and Recombob!

The infamous CHURCH OF BELLIGERENCE brings its Church Merch to RECOMBOBULATION-
Get fitted out in the most disgustingly belligerent threads this side of JRC and help support your favourite dark temple in their attempts to destroy all that is sparkly and pastel at Blazing Swan and beyond!
CoB, The Church you love to hate since 2016!


The guys from Dream Gallery will be selling Miso Mushroom soup at Recombob.

Dream Gallery is a theme camp of Blazing Swan….A space to breathe, to dream, to share


On FreakOut stage is the DJ that just loves to SWING.

Hailing from the extreme beauty of The Ningaloo region of WA, HeavyT pops up at Blazing Swan to help the people party along to his diverse beats at BIG camps such as Koasis, God Said No, Papazhans and Treetops!

The promiscuous HeavyT has been mastering his unique blend of Soul Grooves to Jackin’ House for over a decade and is chomping at the bit to deliver you all a pleasurable earful at RECOMBOBULATION from 7pm!!

HeavyT here;


The Main Stage ~ TuneIn, gets fired up right before our headliners at RECOMBOBULATION; Bat Country, when Ben Revel, a.k.a PAPA BIRD hits the decks and smashes out some of his genre hopping blends of House, Disco and Rave to get you all revved up for the night ahead!

PAPA BIRD is the resident disk spinning feathered friend of Birds Nest notoriety at Blazing Swan so expect the same moist, drippy mess on THE NEST dance floor in Freo from 10pm!!



Take a stroll down ‘Johnny Depp Lane’ at Recombob…..

Hark and behold! From the depths of the river Styx the Stygian saloon has ventured forth to peddle their wares. A selection of oddities has been assembled for the purpose of funding more oddities, from the disjointed dolls that haunt the saloon to picture frames encompassing the passage of madness.

Perfect for the family home or Halloween presents for that oddball you know.


We’ve covered off on a bunch of DJ’s to whet your insatiable Blaze appetite so far but RECOMBOBULATION; Bat Country, is NOT all about the music…we got entertainment to please and tempt as well!!

We introduce DANCEOPIA!!

We all know and love this roving group of Blaze Dance Darlings from many memorable moments at Blazing Swan and beyond.

Danceopia never fail to bring a smile to our bewildered faces as they groove and glide and slink and slide across any given celebratory location…whether it be over the baked Kulin crust, an exquisitely polished ballroom floor or the concrete interior of industry at The Nest!

Come one and all and witness the splendour as Danceopia pop up all over the place, all night with impromptu dance magic!!


We ain’t letting up yet, oh no!!
MORE performance excitement from the RECOMBOBULATION; Bat Country event team and the broader community as we present to you ‘All The Lights’!!

Calling ALLIANCE home, All The Lights have been pleasing crowds at Blazing Swan and related events for years now, wowing audiences with their array of glowing tools accentuated by flowing movement and dance.

For your viewing pleasure, All The Lights will be roving through The Nest on the night to help your visual journey at ‘Bat Country’ come ALIVE!!

All The Lights here; Facebook is