Recombobulation – Bat Country Update #1

By August 24, 2019 August 25th, 2019 Events

Blazing Swan is proud to annouce the following confirmed acts for Recombobulation – Bat Country

Firstly, Recombobulation has two stages….. That’s right – Two Stages for your ear and eye -boxes to be pleasured by.

The main stage is ‘FreakOut’ and our 2nd stage is ‘TuneIn’.

Let’s find out who’s playing during the night!


The unmistakable scent of high octane fuel and bar oil fills the air of Recombobulation: Bat Country, as the chainsaw wielding maniac ‘TARANTISM’, moonlighting with the King Cobra takes to the TuneIn stage to smash your eardrums with unrelenting techno!

The KING CAMP of techno, ‘CHAINSAW COBRA’ gets nasty and spits its deadly venom at Blazing Swan and turns up the heat with neurotoxins from 8pm!


The Sultry house DJ and main mistress of mayhem at The Church of Belligerence, SLIZZ MÄRY, has an extremely diverse back catalogue of many musical genres.

DJ SLIZZ notoriously hammered the Church goers for 12 hours straight at Blazing Swan with a barrage of Cock Rock during the infamous Cock Rock Lock in… many unmentionable acts were witnessed by the handful of starry eyed Acolytes, never to be unseen..!

Who knows what is going to happen when C.o.B Chaos manifests on the TuneIn stage and SLIZ reaches deep, deep down into her magical ball sack of infectious gifts!!

FIND OUT at 6pm during RECOMBOBULATION: Bat Country!!


TUNDRA is fresh to death, a newcomer with an extreme talent for fusing world music with rap, trap, deep juicy beats and ethnic bass…the result is AWESOME!!

If you caught TUNDRA at KOASIS during ‘Happy as Larry’… you know now, that there is no better reason to grab a ticket to ‘Bat Country’.
From 8pm this little ripper will be upping the party notch and tearing up the main stage with infectious grooves that will give you NO option but to boogie!!