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Photography Guidelines

We welcome photographers to capture some of the magic of Blazing Swan.  Please read below to understand our guidelines for photography and filming, and register as a photographer in the form provided.


Registered photographers must purchase their own ticket to Blazing Swan. We want you to be a participant!

Registering as a photographer does not provide a license take photographs of everyone at Blazing Swan. You must get consent in one way or another from each participant you photograph or film.

Consent is Mandatory

You must ask for consent to photograph and film participants at Blazing Swan. This can be done before you shoot, or after you capture a photo. You may ask a question, nod your head or motion with your camera. However you get consent, be sensitive to who, where, when and how you are shooting.

Photography of performances or events are best to be arranged with a contact of the Theme Camp hosting the event at Blazing Swan.

Photography of people who are nude or intoxicated is prohibited unless you have absolute consent, ideally from a participant already knows and trusts you.

Consent must be granted from the parent or guardian of children being photographed.

Read the full story about consent photography.


The privacy of participants must be respected, at not all areas and circumstances of Blazing Swan are suitable for photography.  If someone denies consent to be photographed or filmed, they should be left to enjoy their Blazing Swan experience.

Photographs of nudity or intoxication must not be published unless the individual subject gives approval. Photographers should pay attention to “public” areas such as theme camps who prefer privacy from photography, and private areas such as camping grounds.

Non Commercial

Media captured at Blazing Swan must not be used or sold for commercial purposes. We promote the principle of decommodification, where we collectively share what we collectively own.

I’m just taking personal photos!

You don’t need to register as a photographer, if you are just taking casual photos of your experience at Blazing Swan.  Take all the snaps you like, but the same rules apply for consent and privacy.


The publishing of photographs and videos of Blazing Swan is permitted for non-commercial purposes. You may publish works as part of your professional folio, but the works may not be sold or licensed commercially.

We recommend submitting your final selection of photographs and film to Blazing Swan Comms before publishing. We can assist with identifying individuals in your photography, and provide advice before releasing your work.

Photographs of nudity must not be published unless the individual subject gives approval for publishing.

Email photography(at) for more information.

Restricted Areas

Some areas of Blazing Swan are off-limits to participants, including photographers.  The “Safety Perimeter” around the burning of the Effigy and burning of the Temple must be respected by all participants including photographers.  Only personnel who have completed approved training and permission may enter the Safety Perimeter under supervision.

Aerial Drones

Drone operation is discouraged at the event due to safety concerns and current legislation. You will be required to have the proper licensing (RePL / ReOC) for flying a drone – please get in contact with us if you wish to explore use of a drone.

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