Blazing Swan is a beautiful spectacle to be a part of.  There are colourful people to admire, inspiring art installations to behold, and mind-blowing events that participants love to capture in a photograph.

Photography of the Blazing Swan is permitted by all participants, with some common-sense and sensitivity to be aware of.  Read below for guidelines for both amateur and professional photographers and filmmakers and also Blazing Swan’s Media and Photography policy.

Check out some photos of Blazing Swan here on Facebook and Instagram.

Consent is Mandatory

The number one issue to be aware of when photographing people at Blazing Swan is CONSENT. Not everyone wants their photograph taken, and so it is important to ask for their permission – ideally before, if not after taking the photograph.

Radical Self-Expression is one of our 11 Principles of Blazing Swan, which encourages participants to express their inner self with outrageous costumes, interpretive dance, or removing clothing entirely! Participants need to feel safe to express themselves at Blazing Swan, without the fear of being unwillingly photographed.

Consent and common-sense should be used when taking a photograph of anyone at Blazing Swan. There are also moments when it would be best to put your camera away and enjoy the Immediacy of the moment instead. Some moments at Blazing Swan may involve nudity, intoxication or other compromising positions. These moments are not suitable for photography unless you have explicit consent – usually from your trusted friend.

Plenty of common sense and courtesy will go a long way with the issue of consent photography. You will catch some amazing photographs at Blazing Swan, but be prepared to hold off shooting in some cases.


Please note that the Blazing Swan Committee takes complaints against photographers who do not respect the consent rule very seriously. Complaints against photographers will be investigated by the Blazing Swan Committee, and the photographer’s registration may be cancelled for future events.

Find a Photographer

If you’re looking for a photograph or photographer from Blazing Swan, here is a good place to start.  Below you’ll find a list of the community photographers who had ID badges. Find them by their name or ID number here.


If you are a photographer who would like to photograph or film Blazing Swan, we encourage you to register.

Registrations for 2024 have now closed.  Come and join us in 2025!


Photographers who wish to publish their photographs of Blazing Swan are encouraged to register with Blazing Swan Communications prior to the event.  Registration provides the opportunity to update photographers with the updated guidelines for shooting.  Once you register your details with us, we can then keep in touch to share photos and the contact details of the individuals in your photos.

Registering as a photographer does not give you special permission take photographs of everyone at the event.  The same if not more respect for consent is required by photographers when shooting people at Blazing Swan. Some participants want to enjoy the experience without being documented, particularly in their moment of radical expression.  Some people also would love the opportunity to get photographed, so just ask with a word or a nod with some eye contact.

Facebook Group for Photographers

Join our Facebook Group for photographers and videographers of Blazing Swan. Join the discussion and share with other photographers about your experiences shooting at Blazing Swan.


Aerial Drones

Only pre-approved drones are permitted at Blazing Swan.  Drones will only be permitted to operate at Blazing Swan if they are flown in accordance with CASA Regulations and Blazing Swan’s terms for pre-approval.

Commercial Work

We encourage DECOMMODIFICATION in our community so that what we collectively own, we can collectively share.  Everything at Blazing Swan is gifted and fund-raised by the participants, for all to enjoy.

The principle of decommodification also applies to photography of Blazing Swan. You may publish photographs of Blazing Swan as part of your photographic folio, however it may not be sold commercially.

By registering as a photographer before the event, we can assist you in identifying faces in your photographs so you can safely publish your work.

For all inquiries regarding photography at Blazing Swan, please email comms(at)

Film Makers and Video

Like photographers, film makers are also required to register before the event for an update of shooting guidelines and restrictions.  Blazing Swan Communications can also assist you with information on how to best shoot your piece.

The same respect for “consent” applies to shooting video at Blazing Swan. Ask people before you shoot, or afterwards if you captured them on camera.  Clear shots that identify faces need more permission than a scene of unrecognisable people. Common-sense and sensitivity should be used before publishing finished works. We encourage film makers to provide a draft to Blazing Swan Communications before publishing.

For all inquiries regarding photography and film at Blazing Swan, please email comms(at)

Use of Media by the Organisation

By capturing media at Blazing Swan you are also granting the organisation the rights to use that media for promotional use either in print, on-line or elsewhere. Credit to the photographer will be made wherever possible.

Photo Submissions

Do you have some amazing photos of Blazing Swan you would like to share?  If you have consent from the people in the photos, please email comms(at)