Vehicle driving protocols

Jilakin Rock City is designed for pedestrians and bicycles. Mutant vehicles drive carefully and give way to everything else. The following rules must be followed by all mutant vehicle operators:

  • Only drive vehicles licensed or allowed to drive in Jilakin Rock City
  • Only licensed operators may drive mutant vehicles
  • Abide by all applicable state and national laws
  • Drive at a speed of 8 km/h or less (less if kicking up dust, or in hazardous situations such as tight crowds)
  • Give the right of way to pedestrians, bicycles, and emergency services vehicles
  • Follow the reasonable and applicable vehicle laws for road safety
  • Stop immediately upon being hailed by any Jilakin Rock City staff member, Bush Ranger, or law enforcement officer
  • No driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • Obey mutant vehicle sound policy below
  • Clearly display the Mutant Vehicle License in a location specified by the DMT

Mutant Vehicles and the Community

A registered Mutant Vehicle is considered to be a public conveyance. When you are licensed to drive in Jilakin Rock City, you agree that you will share that privilege with others and give rides to those that need or ask. This is also a great way to meet people and a wonderful show of our community. Proper etiquette should be followed; all participants should be allowed to ride Mutant Vehicles as long as there are not an unsafe number of passengers aboard at any given time.

Mutant Vehicle Sound Policy

  Sound level Analogy Areas permitted
Level 1 <90 dBA at 10m Normal car stereo or living room These systems may play anywhere on the playa, but must be mindful of volume and surroundings, especially in quieter areas in the city or later at night.
Level 2 <90 dBA at 30m Dance club or theatre Systems may only play at high volume in open areas (not in or pointing right into the village streets) and must be mindful of where you are playing e.g. around art pieces, burns, etc. and turn it down when appropriate
Level 3 >100 dBA at 30m Large dance club, arena, or stadium These systems may only play at high volume by the Large Scale Sound Camps, with speakers pointing out to the lake.

Note: All dB levels refer to maximum potential dBA. The important thing here is the impact of the sound itself. The numbers (DB) are guidelines and the important thing is the impact your sound is having. If you get more than two warnings about your sound system, you may lose your vehicle and/or operator’s licence.

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