What is a Mutant Vehicle?

A motor powered vehicle that has been solely constructed or extensively modified to represent and expression of art and/or a public service that enhances the creativeness of the event whole in an imaginative and safe manner.

Use your Mutant Imagination!
Your Mutant Vehicle should provide a sense of awe to the community.
Something that is unique and also interactive for others to enjoy!

Great Examples Google: burningmanmutantvehiclephotos

Note: Vehicle must not resemble an everyday vehicle of any sorts ie: a car with its roof cut off and simply covered in fur or lights.
This will not be accepted as a mutant vehicle and thus will not be approved!

Is your Vehicle Design SAFE??

Relevant and Prominent Dangers:

Nasty Grabby’s:

Pinch points and exposed gears or drive belts, chains, pulleys, etc. are often the cause of injuries.
These injuries happen when the construction of the design has neglected small exposed areas were fingers, hands and feet can get caught in, especially when the person is in motion or exploring the dynamics of your creation!
Remember these injuries can also occur on non-moving parts such as hand railings, stairs and often do!
Ensure that all of these little and large Dangerous areas that are accessible to the public are properly covered, filled, deburred, taped-up and/or not accessible, so that we may keep all our limbs and extremities safe. We will need them!

Sharpy Stabby’s:

Sharp edges or pointy protrusions are an obvious hazard. Someone brushing past your creation shouldn’t get scratches or cuts. Be especially careful of pointy things at eye level.
We will try and cut ourselves on your vehicle, if she bleeds, you fail.

Exhaust Systems and Hazards:

Your Vehicle should be as quiet and clean running as possible so please fit it with an effective muffler to avoid unwanted noise pollution and exhaust fumes throughout the event.
All hot parts of the exhaust system should be obvious however reachable parts of your vehicle that may get hot from residual exhaust gas should be marked as HOT and a guard permanently fixed over the area.
We should be able to lean on any part of the vehicle without burning ourselves.

Any vehicle that has an enclosed area either for operator or passengers must have that area well vented or closed off to persons.
Remember that an idling vehicle can create a buildup of exhaust gasses and be not only harmful to passengers but unwanted by nearby campers

Overall Vehicle Operation

Braking System:

All vehicles must be able to stop safely in an emergency as well as to be able control their speed down hill.
All vehicles will also require an emergency park brake.
We will test the braking system with emergency stopping procedures at 25kmph and determine if effective enough for vehicle size and purpose.
Park brake will be tested at idle and in gear. The vehicle should not move when park brake engaged.

Steering System and Operation:

All vehicles will require to have a normal or higher steering capability in order to maneuver effectively around the event without reversing. All safe cornering must be able to be done at no greater speed than 4kmph
We will test this by measuring that you at least have a 15M turning radius at 4kmph without stalling of the vehicle


Extra Vehicle Safety Provisions

Hand Railings:

Railings will need to be provided where people may be (standing) higher than 1.5M or moving without sitting.
Handrails will be tested with a vigorous shake at each section by a Burly Man

Staircases and Exits:

Proper stair cases with railings for people to ascend/descend safely
Staircases should be easy to access and use, preferably at the rear of the vehicle if possible. A rope, chain, or door should be in place to prevent passengers from entering or exiting the vehicle while in motion where applicable.This needs to be strictly enforced by the driver and/or a gatekeeper! Where the line of sight may be obstructed by the driver, a “gatekeeper” with means of clear communication between the driver with a set “Go or No-Go” signals must be in effect!
We will test by ease of our ascension and inevitable descension back to earth.

Exposed Wheel Hazards:

Exposed wheels should have fender guards and/or push bumpers installed in order to keep a margin of safety from persons feet from getting caught in the wheels.
Visual check of conformity

Emergency Kill Switch:

Readily accessible Emergency Kill Switch if any drive functions have been extended or modified in such away that operator can’t easy disable vehicle immediately by normal means when required
We will test this by starting your vehicle and using the switch to shut down
It is also recommended to have your vehicle equipped with some type of horn for warning pedestrians if a situation becomes unsafe.

Operators Lines of Sight:

We don’t want anyone to be run over or left behind
A sufficient operators view for safe maneuverability through streets and crowds and/or loading/unloading of passengers at egress point is a must. If this is not possible a sufficient communications system between driver and passenger un/load area and /or area of visible impairment must be set in effect.
If required, we will need to know what plan you may have in effect?

Illumination: (Night Permit Only)

Proper mounted illumination for all areas that people can walk on, into, or fall off of.
Your vehicle must be lit up extremely well for nighttime (Dusk til Dawn) operation.
More is Better.
Note: EL Wire only will Not be sufficient. Recommend 12V LED Strip lighting.
We will test this by standing 10 meters away at night and asking ourselves if it’s radically illuminated
It needs to be seen when I wear my sunglasses at night people.


Trailers will not be accepted if the same effect can be achieved without a trailer.


Your vehicle will need daily maintenance checks and/or repairs.
Please make sure that you bring extra tools or repair and maintenance equipment with you!
You will be solely responsible for making sure that your vehicle remains safe and operating well throughout the entire event.
Any Vehicle that becomes damaged or unsafe during the event and not repaired before further use, will be deemed unsafe by DMT and removed from the event for your retrieval and responsibility post event.


Tool and repair Kit
Small first aid kit
Small fire extinguisher
Jerry cans We will be offering petrol/diesel for purchase by the litre at 12pm-2pm daily
Puncture proof wheels. (Double Gees are known to puncture wheel barrow tyres easily)


Fluid leaks of any kind
Trails of MOOP (Clean your rubbish out regularly)
Lasers of any kind are Not Permissible on your vehicle

Flame effects:

All flame effects require separate permit from F.A.S.T. (Fire Arts Safety Team)
See flame effects registry guidelines and applications on main BlazingSwan web page.


Questions, Advice or Clarification??

Please always feel free to contact us at dmt@blazingswan.com.au and we will be happy to discuss any queries you may have.

We are here to help.

DMT Loves you!

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