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Fire Art Guidelines

The mission of the Jilakin Rock Fire Department (JRFD) is to protect life and property through the development and application of fire protection engineering, enforcement, and education. This mission involves establishment of a fire-safe environment for the citizens of Jilakin rock city (JRC), an environment that serves as a foundation to be built upon and molded by Blazing Swan Inc, Artists and the community to meet their specific needs. The Blazing Swan Fire Chief is able to achieve the objective of public fire safety because organized onsite fire teams will carry out enforcement of the minimum fire safety standards.

The JRFD will endeavour to support Artists, The Community, and Blazing Swan Inc, in an ever evolving and changing landscape that is JRC, in new and innovative ways to not hinder, impede, or stop artistic expression.

If you have questions, please email us at ,

Burn bright …. and don’t forget to bring a towel!
The Jilakin Rock Fire Department

Burning Art


There are special requirements if your artwork incorporates fire in any of the following ways:

  • Open Fire: flames created by any means and/or artwork that will itself be engulfed in flame or otherwise burned.
  • Hazardous Materials Storage: Storage of hazardous or combustible materials, including kerosene, gas, petrol, pyrotechnics, etc.

If your artwork incorporates fire in any of those ways, it is required that you obtain a Burn Permit from the Fire Arts Team  –

If your art incorporates flame effects or pyrotechnics in any of the following ways:

  • Flame Effects: flames that are automated, switched, pressurised or have any action other than simply being lit on fire. This includes projects that use gas or liquid fuels.
  • Pyrotechnic Display: explosives, fireworks or projectiles.

You will need to seek approval from the Blaze Flame FX Team –

Burn Permit – Burning Art


In order to have any form of fire on your art installation, or if you wish to burn it during Blazing Swan:

  1. Pre-register your fire plans with the Jilakin Rock Fire Department by emailing a description, diagrams or photos and a safety plan at Burn Permit  and/or
  2. Incorporate any recommended modifications or safety measures from the Fire Arts Team into your design and safety plan.
  3. Have the final incarnation of your burning art assessed for compliance on site. This means you will need to set it up, test it (if possible) and then have a member of the Jilakin Rock Fire Department approve it before a Burn Permit is issued.
  4. The Burn Permit is to be retained by the artist, whom must be present whenever the fire is in effect, or the installation is burned.

Large Burnable Structures (Effigies, Temples, etc.)


Large Burnable Structures are essentially big bonfires, assembled with artistic intent. These burns are large, carefully scheduled, and demand huge resources. They are prohibited during any stage of burn ban.

Small Wood-Burning Art (Burn Barrels)


Small wood-burning art refers to burn barrels, burn barrel-like sculptures, extra-large cooking apparatus like smokers or BBQs, and the like. The burning of wood, charcoal, or any other material without an “off” switch is prohibited during any stage of burn ban. To apply for a burn barrel permit click here

Download Our Fire Guidelines

Fire Guidelines

LPG Flame Effects


Flame Effects are devices that use pressurized LPG (Liquified Petroleum Gas) gas to make visible fire, either in the form of gentle flames in a table or fire pit (AKA Static Effects), or big bursts in a “poofer” style effect (AKA Dynamic Effects). Propane flame effects are prohibited during a Stage 2 burn ban, but may be allowable during a Stage 1 burn ban, at the discretion of DFES and the Blazing Swan Fire Safety Team.


All flame effect devices to be brought on site will be required to be a certified gas appliance. Inspected by a member of the Blazing Swan Fire Safety team and a Burn permit issued before it can be used contact the Blazing Swan Fire Safety team at



Pyrotechnics are restricted to those with relevant and valid licences – You must contact to discuss and get a permit to use pyrotechnics at any point during the event

Fire Twirling, Dancing and Related Performances


The Fire Tribe will create a Fire Space where you can come and burn safely each evening. They will also coordinate official Fire Celebrations like First Fire and the Fire Conclave before the effigy burns.
For safety reasons as well as convenience Fire Tribe will provide fire safety volunteers and fire safety equipment.

You will be required to bring your own fuel. Blazing Swans prefered fire fuel is Recosol G.

Contact the Fire Tribe for all your twirling, dancing goodness.

Emergency Plan of Action

Any artist, theme camp or Mutant Vehicle using Open Fire, Flame Effects and/or Pyrotechnics must develop an Emergency Plan of Action. If an art installation or performance has received approval and is scheduled, this plan should be submitted to FAST prior to the inspection.

Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) for hazardous chemicals must be supplied and must be kept on site.

Keeping Standards up-to-date


Fire Art Guidelines are living documents that reflect progress in science, technology, systems and operating procedures. To maintain their currency, all Guidelines are periodically reviewed, and new editions are published. Between editions, amendments may be issued.

Guidelines may also be withdrawn. It is important that readers assure themselves they are using a current Guideline, which should include any amendments that may have been published since the Guideline was published.

Detailed information about Blazing Swan Guidelines, drafts, amendments and new projects can be found by visiting

Blazing Swan welcomes suggestions for improvements, and encourages readers to notify us immediately of any apparent inaccuracies or ambiguities. Contact us via email at

Fire or Flame Effects in Theme Camps


If you plan to have any fire of flame effects in your Theme Camp you MUST contact the Jilakin Rock Fire Department to discuss your plans by one month prior to event. The Fire Art Team requires sufficient time to assess the dangers associated with your fire/flame effect and recommend the necessary safety precautions required by your camp in order to run the effect. You will need sufficient time to potentially modify your effect to make it safe.


Flame effects that have not been assessed as safe and issued a Burn Permit will not be allowed to operate at Jilakin Rock City.

Fuel and Hazardous Material storage

Great care must be taken in the storage of fuels and hazardous materials in both art projects and theme camps. Issues such as fuel containment, safety perimeters and fire prevention are important and should be planned for before arriving in JRC. Please read these guidelines for Fuel and Hazardous Material Storage.

No Smoking Or Open Flame Near Fuel or Flammables.

No smoking or Open Flame within 10 metres of any location of fuel, flammable liquids, hazardous materials or anything potentially dangerous. All fuel and flammables should be secured in approved containers, stored in a safe and secure area located a minimum of 15m away from any open flame.

No smoking or Open Flames will be permitted within 10 metres of any point of assembly area where any pyrotechnic materials are present.

No pyrotechnics, flame or spark will be permitted to cross, enter, go over, under, on, or around the fuel storage area.

Flame Effects on Mutant Vehicles

If you intend for your vehicle to have any sort of fire or flame effect as part of the design of the vehicle, you must obtain a Burn Permit from the Fire Arts Team, as well as a Mutant Vehicle License from the Department of Mutant Transport. The best way to achieve this is with the following steps:

  1. Contact the DMT to pre-register your vehicle. . You must contact them by the 1st of March, 2015 for your vehicle to be considered for Blazing Swan.
  2. Contact the Jilakin Rock Fire Department to discuss the plans for your Mutant Vehicle flame effect. You must contact them by tone month prior to the event for your flame effect to be considered for Blazing Swan. You will be asked to supply a written description and photos (if possible) along with a safety plan for your flame effect-
  3. Jilakin Rock Fire Department will review your proposal and notify you if any changes need to be made in order for your flame effect to be safe to use.
  4. Come to Blazing Swan with your Mutant Vehicle pre-approval letter and you Jilakin Rock Fire Department pre-approval letter.
  5. When you are ready to start driving your Mutant Vehicle at Jilakin Rock City, make the DMT your very first stop. Once at the DMT, the DMT staff will consider if your vehicle meets the MV License Criteria. Here your flame effect will also be assessed if it is safe to use.


If your vehicle meets the MV License Criteria you will then be issued a Mutant Vehicle License which you must have on you whenever you are operating the Mutant Vehicle within Jilakin Rock City.

If your vehicle’s flame effect is assessed as safe to use, you will also be issued a Burn Permit which must remain with the vehicle for the duration of the event.