Online Safety for a Digital Event

Typically our event is held in a remote location requiring around 4 hours of travel, it requires participants to purchase a ticket, be self-sufficent for everything they need for the entire time they are at Blazing Swan. There are lots of barriers that we have to navigate to attend our event.

But in a digital world many of these are removed which means that this even could reach a wider audience.

As such we wish to provide some thought and guidance for consideration for members of our community around ‘burning in a digital environment’.


Privacy and Consent

Typically Blazing Swan, and indeed Burn events worldwide, have some more experimental art and relaxed personal cultures at the event that often are not seen in public. You may become a different person whilst at Blazing Swan.

When we attend Blazing Swan were in a supportive community. We’re asked about photographs being taken. We have Rangers to help us in times of need.

This may not be the same in a digital world.

Our interactions may be different. Our consent may not be asked for, in fact we will not be aware of any screen recordings or capture.

Be considerate of those around you. Be considerate of who is around you.



You may wish to provide a more private space for others in the community to join you in. This might be controlled through a private Facebook group or private Zoom session.

What content you livestream may not be suitable for a more public viewership. We suggest that liverstreamers consider using controls built into the platforms and identifying themselves as ‘adult content’ so as not to break platforms terms of service. As well as warning potential viewers on your content.

Consider how you will look after your own security online.


What goes on the internet, often does not stay on the internet