Night-time Arrivals

By March 11, 2019 Safety

Important Safety Note Arriving at Blazing Swan

Always plan to arrive during daylight hours as there are restrictions on vehicle movements during the event after dark.

Whilst the Gate remains open 24/7 (but has a skeleton crew after dark) arrivals after dark are not permitted to drive through the site to camp.

All late night arrivals (after 12am Wed & Thurs or after 10pm every other night) will be asked to park their vehicle in a dedicated area and walk to a suitable camping area. Historically very few people arrive after this time.

Cars may be moved to camping areas the following day, during daylight hours.

There are some special exceptions regarding Theme Camps – these have been communicated to the Theme Camp Leads.

Vehicle movements will be handled by our dedicated Traffic Management team who are there to assist you.

This is in place for the safety of all campers to reduce dangerous vehicle movement at night.