Nest Update

By January 28, 2019 February 10th, 2019 Swan's Nest
Inside the Nest 
We are entering epic mode! With the Temple and Effigy structures being built, a host of theme camps chipping away at their structures, and some artists working on their masterpieces. But that’s not all! We also have a boat house, a truck house, a trailer house, a myriad of bat houses being crafted, and a wind turbine guru … we also have 3D printing capability, in house carpenters and engineers plugging away at a medley of projects.
Of course, we don’t just build stuff here. The Nest at 38 Amherst Street, Fremantle welcomes volunteers and new members to help out with behind the scenes work at blaze and local community events. With all that’s happening, we even have some affordable spaces left to rent. Just ask Rye Guy (the Nest Manager) to enquire for prices, conditions and availability, or jump on to Facebook page “The Swan’s Nest” for info.
To find out more about the Nest or to book a room or space for your next meeting / project head on over here.
“We are continually striving to keep the nest running, not just as a workshop but a dynamic community hub for creating and learning for all”. Rye