Name & Theme Submissions for Blazing Swan 2022

Blazing Swan’s Committee needs your help to name the forthcoming 2022 event.
The name of the event drives our direction, it helps provide inspiration to the artists, our artwork, the theme camps, the vehicles, the events that are gifted and often to participants that attend.
Can you help us inspire our community?
The criteria we are looking for is –
  • A name for the event that upholds who we are, our principles, resonates with what we have been through and where we might go to next
  • An explanation on your idea as to why that name is appropriate for the next Blazing Swan. Consider what direction the community could interpret it and how it could be engaged with.
  • A concept about the artwork and branding. We’re happy to accept sketches, doodles or written ideas – but however you communicate we’re looking to understand how the name will be brought to life in a graphical way – think how a logo might look or feel, how our event posters and images would be influenced by your chosen name.
The closing date is 31st August 2021.
Enter your submissions here –
We look forward to what amazing ideas you can come up with to inspire the next event!