Lost Property Collection

By April 29, 2019 Leave No Trace, Rangers

Blaze is over the and poor Rangers wound up with a record amount of Lost Property.

Over 3 cubic meters of Lost Property was handed in weighting in at over 300kg!

Not a very good Leave No Trace effort and almost none of it has ID info attached.

Some was collected during the exodus but a great deal remains – it has been boxed up awaiting transport to The Nest.

A series of collection dates will be posted here advertising when you can come to The Nest to look for your items.

Please note you will require ID and be asked to sign for high value items.

For collecting high value items please contact Ranger Scarpie – lostandfound(at) blazingswan.com.au

At the end of the collection window high value items will go to the Police, clothing will go to Good Sammy and the remainder in the skip…

A special thank you to the Rangers for taking time out of their event coverage to deal with this enormous pile of MOOP!’

Edit – check out this FB group too.