Blazing Swan Event location

Once a year, the farmland around the Kulin Bush Race track becomes Jilakin Rock City. Head East out of Kulin on the Kulin-Lake Grace road towards Jilakin. Follow the signs for the Kulin Bush Race track and you’re home.

DRIVE SAFELY !   Respect our host town by keeping to the speed limit – 50 kph.  THANK YOU !

Note that the Event Site is private property, and not open to the public.  When it’s not being used for our Event at Easter, and the famous Kulin Bush Races around October, it is a working farm.


Head through Kulin SLOWLY and take the road that curves gently to the right just past the fuel depot….

Drive on past the famous Kulin Water Slide on your right ….

14 km up the road you’re getting close.  You’ll see the road rising slightly ahead, and the sign for the Jilakin Rock road on the left …..

Almost home.  Turning into Jilakin Rock road.  This is a gravel road with a 90 degree turn just up ahead.  Drive carefully, there’s no rush …