Lessons from Black Rock – Self Care

By March 2, 2020 March 3rd, 2020 Rangers

Being a participant at an event like Blazing Swan (or Burning Man) is no easy feat.

Your radical self-reliance means that you have brought with you many of the physical things you need to survive – food, water, shelter and so on.

So what do we mean by “self-care?” – Rangering (or volunteering of any kind) can bring some additional unexpected challenges that are less tangible.

There are the obvious physical needs when out on your shift – Are you staying hydrated? Have you got some snacks? Did you bring enough layers to keep warm?

But there are many other things that make up the often overlooked self-care :

  • Are you getting enough rest? [Yes, this is always a hard one]
  • Are you getting to do enough of the things (non-volunteer) you want to do like? (Dancing, workshops, looking at art, generally getting your foo on.)
  • Are you spending enough time with friends or family on-site that are important to you?
  • Do you have a support network or persons that you can share your feelings or concerns with?
  • What else do you need to regulate or fuel your inner self? To make it through the day – especially when chaos abounds.

Now is the time to get an idea on what you think you will need. Why not write a list in that handy Ranger notebook. Keep track of things during your Burn.

Getting an idea of these things before heading out to Jilakin Rock, keeping an eye on them (and maybe having a plan) will go lightyears towards you having the best experience possible and going the distance.

Remember – if you need some help or suggestions why not start with Black Swan or the Ranger Lead team.

I am eternally grateful to BR Ranger Gatsby for sharing his knowledge on the overlooked importance of this topic with myself and many others.

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