Matter Out of Place (MOOP) is anything that doesn’t belong here.  Leave No Trace (LNT) means that after you’ve come and gone there is no trace of you ever having being here.  If anything, you leave the place even cleaner than it was before.  Two simple ideas.

Examples of MOOP ?  Tent pegs left behind, bottle caps, ash, gravel, food waste, cigarette butts, nut shells, rope fibers, sequins, grey water, abandoned tents, bikes and 747’s and more.  If it wasn’t here before we got here, if it’s not meant to be here, it’s all MOOP.

Whose responsibility is MOOP and LNT ?   Everybody’s

Leave No Trace starts at home


Make a Plan for how you are going to manage your washing, cooking, recyclables and compostables.  Make sure your whole team gets with the Plan.

Leave the MOOP at home.   Don’t bring packaging, glass, glitter, feathers, styrofoam, dried plants or anything that can break off and blow away

Bring the tools to help you manage your MOOP at the Event, including strong bags (plastic and/or hessian) that will store waste without tearing, 20 litre containers to store your waste water, tarps to lay on the ground in your ‘kitchen’, cardboard to lay under a car leaking oil (or maybe get it fixed!), dustpan and brush, ropes to tie things down and gaffer tape to ‘edge’ fraying carpets and fabrics.  Bring light gardening gloves to protect your hands and/or a pick-up stick.  And bring a litte tin (with lid) to put your butts in.


Leave No Trace at Jilakin Rock City


  • Never let it hit the ground.  Use a tarp anywhere you’re likely to drop things on the ground such as kitchens or make-up areas
  • Clean as you go. MOOP attracts more MOOP. When you see trash on the ground pick it up and take it with you.
  • Do not bury any waste – even if you think it’s compostable.
  • Walk around your camp looking for loose MOOP at least once a day
  • Weigh it down. Put a weight on or tie down anything that can blow away.
  • Smokers: Carry a metal butt-tin (such as a mint tin, or lozenge tube) with you at all times
  • If it wasn’t made by your body, don’t put it in the potty. No tampons, trash, cigarette butts, etc. One ply toilet paper ONLY.
  • Do not dump grey water onto the ground.  Do not pee on the ground.  Do not shit in the woods – or anywhere except a toilet or portaloo.
  • Make a MOOP bucket for use around your camp by cutting a 10cm hole in the top of an empty plastic water jug, leaving the handle intact.
  • Carry a small MOOP bag or container with you when you’re out and about.
  • Use the recycling bins/cages that you see around the event site – and report any overflowing bins IMMEDIATELY.  Don’t just walk away.
  • Please don’t pick up and move rocks – even if it is to create something artistic.  They’re little critter’s homes you’re disurbing.
New for 2024 - Voluntary Carbon Offsets

Before you leave – and after you leave – Jilakin Rock City


  • After you’ve packed all your tents and gear check over the entire area of your campsite. Pick up the every piece of MOOP that you can see.  Keep a special eye out for tent pegs.
  • When you’ve done your campsite, join your neighbours to check over the ground between and around your campsites.
  • Sort your trash and recycling for easy disposal at home.  Tighten the lids on your grey water containers before you stow them in your vehicle !
  • Secure and cover your load !
  • Leave No Trace does NOT end when you leave the Event. DON’T DUMP YOUR TRASH OR GREY WATER ON THE WAY HOME !  Don’t fill up the bins in Kulin !
  • IF Kulin charities are operating a ‘swap your rubbish for a gold coin’ facility at the Event Exit, use it.  Communal Effort !  Gifting !
  • Stop a couple of times on the way home and check that your load is still secure.