Larry Who?

By December 27, 2018 Global, Principles

“Who is Larry?” is a question some of us have heard…

Like other Blaze themes it’s always open to interpretation and exploration.

In large the 2019 sub-text is a tip of the hat to the late Larry Harvey, co-founder of our parent event Burning Man and Executive Director of the BM management group Black Rock City LLC.

As those of you have been fortunate enough to meet or converse with Larry it would be fair to say that he truly was a visionary and that because of his initial spontaneous gift more than 30 years ago we are able to continue that legacy and principles all over the globe in 50+ regional events.

Of course the other “Larry” referred to is probably the best known character in similes found here in Australia and over the pond in New Zealand.

“Happy as Larry” is a friendly response indicating our jovial state – a state frequently found at our events.

Tracing its history back isn’t conclusive with possible links to an early undefeated Australian boxer or to our use of the use of the colloquialism “larrikin”.

Regardless, we hope you can participate in some happiness with us wherever it comes from…

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