Thinking about taking your kids to Blazing Swan in 2017?

Top Five Tips – from a parent who’s been there.

To give you some background, I have three awesome humans who were two, ten and fourteen when we went to our first Blazing Swan. And quiet honestly I was actually scared stiff. I was worried about public nudity and intoxicated adults coupled with having to take everything we needed to a remote location and participate in something I had no real explanation of what we would be doing. In the end, I decided to trust and what’s the worst that could happen….we’d go and last one day and pack up a leave. It’s not a cult…you can leave anytime you like. But thank god we stayed.

I as an adult had never experienced this type of community and joy and I as a parent had shared this with my children.

What we found at Blazing Swan was an experience that is hard to find words to do it justice. The best way I can explain it was in my children’s reaction. The five hour drive home was filled with real conversation with my sons. Questions and discussions about the people they meet. The friendliness of people wanting to share their talents with them like fire twirling and body painting. The explosion of music at 10 am through to dawn and all the types of sounds and sights they saw. Most of all the wonderment… I as an adult had never experienced this type of community and joy and I as a parent had shared this with my children. We all felt the same lightness and happiness. As we drove into the petrol station in Perth I will never forget their words…Mum we are back in the ‘real world’ and we can feel the difference.

So I ask you the question, what type of parent are you? If you prefer laid back holidays at the beach or fun filled theme parks with baby sitters and someone else entertaining you, then Blazing Swan is not for you. If you are not open to all types of people and outrageous and fun happening, then Blazing Swan is not for you. But if you are the type of parent who wants to really connecting with your kids and experiencing with them new things, new people and new ways of thinking and perhaps living…… and willing to discuss openly things like ‘Radical Self Expression’ with your children….. Then Blazing Swan might be for you.

Here are my top five tips.

1. Join a tribe / theme camp

Yes you will make heaps of new friends so you can come along without knowing anyone but joining a theme camp either based around kids or an activity you enjoy like body painting or music helps share the load of cooking and camping supplies plus you instantly get a community to show you the ropes so to speak.

2. Radical Self Expression

Yes there will be people creating art and dancing and there will be some nudity. Let’s be open and honest about this. This is not sexualised nudity but if you are uncomfortable with this, think about how you would explain this to your child.

3. Radical Inclusion

lazing Swan welcomes everyone. All people. All nationalities. All genders and groups. Let’s be honest again. If you are prejudice towards anyone group or type of person again please think about how you will explain this to your child.

4. Radical Self Reliance

Yes you need to bring all the camping supplies your need but if you do forget a tent peg or sunscreen there will be someone to help you. Just smile and ask. But parenting is your responsibility. I found by being with a the Yoga theme camp we shared the looking after the children and still had time without kids. BUT you need to be there for your children. It’s safe for them to walk around Blazing Swan on their own but please explain to them if there are theme camp area that you don’t want them to go into.

5. Radical Participation

Bring YOU and share YOU. The best of you…your talent. If you paint then bring some paint and for an hour or two show others. If you were the best hoola hoopa in grade 5, 20 years ago bring a hoop and do it again. If you bake bring some food to gift. If you can read, offer to read to a group of kids, blow bubbles or run a dance class. Offer a one hour discussion on anything you are passionate or knowledgeable about. Or volunteer to be a medic, helper or moop patrol. We all share the responsibility of making this event safe and fun. The event only gets better the more you participate.

6. Ok so I said five…..But six….

This goes without saying….When you cross over that magical boarder guided by our Clowns, fairies, and tutus wearing dinosaur aka as Greeters…….set your intent to truly enjoy something special that you may never experienced before but hopefully will want to be apart of forever. You see as it was explained to me like this….This is a community having their annual gathering, once you join it you get to experience that community and its awesome people and the friendships all year round. Blaze is just a week but the people are what counts.

Welcome to Blazing Swan. If you come please say hello to myself and my tribe. With Love Kim x