Fire at Blazing Swan

The purpose of this information is to facilitate the safe use of fire during the Blazing Swan event.

Although we have plenty of open space at Blazing Swan, there’s also plenty of dry grass and bushland that’s highly flammable at the end of summer. In addition to this, we have many tents and structures on site made of highly flammable materials. As a result, we need strict controls in place to balance our desire to burn with public safety.

The below is an overview of the most common types of fires found within the Blazing Swan Event site and the controls in place to manage these fires. Full details on all of these can be found in the Fire Management Manual (coming soon).

Please read this information and if you have any questions you may contact the Blazing Swan Fire Lead at

Fire and Personal Safety

At Blazing Swan Inc. we take your safety seriously and we want to ensure you remain safe around the various types of fires we have on site.

When near burning structures, artworks, burn barrels, fire performances etc. please respect any perimeters or exclusion zones that have been put in place and always follow the directions of Rangers, JRC Fire Fighters and Safety Team Members. These people are there to ensure your safety and facilitate a fun and safe experience for all.

Prohibited and Permitted Fires

General Camping

Prohibited Fires

  • Candles
  • Tiki Torches
  • Burn Barrels
  • Ground fires, including fire pits or any style of camp fire
  • Fire Performances  – this includes fire spinning or performing of any kind
  • Art Installation Fires
  • Gas Flame Effects
  • Liquid Fuel Flame Effects
  • Mutant Vehicle Flame Effects
  • Pyrotechnics

Permitted Fires – no Burn Permit required

  • Gas Cookers (LPG, butane or propane)
  • Barbeques (LPG only, not wood or coal)
  • Gas Outdoor Heaters

All appliances must be used in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.
Under no circumstances are heaters of any kind to be used inside tents or under marquees.
All fires must be supervised by a competent person at all times.

Theme Camp, Art Installation and Performance Areas

Prohibited Fires

  • Ground fires, including fire pits or any style of camp fire (unless part of an approved Art Installation)
  • Liquid Fuel Flame Effects (Pressurised)

Permitted Fires – Burn Permit required, see details below

  • Candles – Applications close on (Now closed)
  • Tiki Torches – Applications close on (Now closed)
  • Burn Barrels – Applications close on (Now closed)
  • Gas Cookers (LPG, butane or propane) – Applications close on (Now closed)
  • Barbeques (LPG and coal) – Applications close on (Now closed)
  • Gas Outdoor Heaters – Applications close on (Now closed)
  • Fire Performances  – this includes fire spinning or performing of any kind – Applications close on (Now closed)
  • Art Installation Fires – Applications close on (Now closed)
  • Gas Flame Effects – Applications close on (Now closed)
  • Liquid Fuel Flame Effects (Unpressurised) – Applications close on (Now closed)
  • Mutant Vehicle Flame Effects – Applications close on (Now closed)
  • Pyrotechnics – Applications close on (Now closed)

All permitted fires are regulated by an application/permit process.

Please refer to the Fire Management Manual (coming soon) for full details.

Candles and Tiki Torches

These fires are small and may seem “safe” but candles and tiki torches can easily be knocked over and start much bigger fires. If you intend to have candles or tiki torches at your theme camp, please submit a Fire Application Form. The Fire Lead will email you information on how to install these safely.

Burn Barrels

Burn Barrels are above ground, wood burning structures. They may be a simple 44 gallon drum, shop bought (above ground) fire pit, or they may look more artistic and sculpted. The general purpose of burn barrels is to keep event participants warm at night. They are only permitted to burn wood, never rubbish.

If you intent to have a burn barrel at your theme camp you must:

  1. Submit a Burn Barrel Application Form to the Blazing Swan Fire Lead.
  2. Upon application you will be emailed the burn barrel design and operation information. You must ensure your burn barrel complies with this information.
  3. Once on site you will need to set-up your burn barrel and have it inspected. This is done by inspectors appointed by the Fire Lead. You may only light your burn barrel once it has been inspected and approved for use.

Gas Cookers and Barbeques

If you have a standard, off-the-shelf, gas stove, camping cooker or barbeque at your theme camp, you do not need to apply for a Burn Permit. You must, however, use these appliances in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.

However, if you have a gas cooker, barbeque or some other cooking/roasting/toasting/reheating device, that you have modified from standard, or have built yourself, you must submit a Fire Application Form to have it assessed for use.

Gas Outdoor Heaters

“Gas Outdoor Heaters” refers to standard, off-the-shelf, heaters sold at hardware and camping stores, designed to be used outdoors to generate heat. These are permitted throughout the event site but must be used in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions. They are NOT permitted to be used inside any structures or on vehicles. (No, you can’t put one in your geodome to heat it up.)

You do not need a Burn Permit for a standard, off-the-shelf, gas outdoor heater.

Fire Performances

Fire performances of any kind are not permitted in General Camping areas and require a Burn Permit in Theme Camp areas.

Fire performances refer to any acts or performances done by individuals or groups that involve fire in any way. This is commonly seen as fire spinning at Blazing Swan but can include fire as part of a stage act in a theme camp, or fire as part of a workshop. If you are planning a performance or workshop involving fire, please submit a Fire Application Form. You will be contacted by the Blazing Swan Fire Lead to discuss the details of your performance and necessary safety measures.

Fire spinning spaces are permitted at any theme camp which can create a safe space as per the Fire Management Manual. If you would like to create a fire spinning space at your theme camp (where performers can come and spin fire any evening), please email and we will email you the information you need.

Additionally, Fire Tribe theme camp will run a nightly fire spinning space open to all fire folk at Blazing Swan. Recosol G fire fuel and all safety equipment will be provided. Please bring your own fire spinning props and wear suitable clothing.

Art Installation Fires

If you intend for your art installation to incorporate fire in any way, or if it’s to be burnt at any stage during the Blazing Swan event, you must submit this information for assessment as part of your Blazing Swan Art Installation Application.  This information must come in the form of a Burn Plan and Ignition Plan.

View our Art Installation Fire Guidelines for more information

In order to have any form of fire on your art installation, or to burn it during Blazing Swan, you must:

  1. Submit a Blazing Swan Art Installation Application to the Blazing Swan Art Lead.
  2. Include a Burn Plan and Ignition Plan within this application.
  3. Incorporate any recommended modifications or safety measures requested from the Blazing Swan Fire Lead or Art Lead into your design/plan.
  4. Have the final incarnation of your Art Installation assessed for compliance on site by the Fire Lead and Art Lead (possibly also the Safety Lead and JRC Fire Chief). This means you will need to set it up and test it (where reasonably practicable) before a Burn Permit is issued.

Gas Flame Effects

Gas Flame Effects are devices that use pressurised LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas), Butane or Propane to make visible fire, either in the form of a constant, consistent flame (aka Static Gas Flame Effects), or big bursts (aka Dynamic Gas Flame Effects).

These devices are permitted at the Blazing Swan event but must be inspected and certified for use by an Independent Gas Inspector before they are permitted on the event site. This is to ensure they are safely built and compliant with Class B Gas Appliance legislation and built to the relevant Australian Standards.

If you have an existing gas flame effect or are interested in building one for the event, please submit a Fire Application Form. You will then be contacted by the Fire Lead to discuss your ideas further.

The above information does not apply to standard, off-the-shelf, gas units, being used in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions.

Liquid Fuel Flame Effects

“Liquid Fuel Flame Effects” refers to flame effects created from the burning of a liquid fuel source.

At Blazing Swan we make the distinction between “Pressurised” and “Unpressurised” Liquid Fuel Flame Effects. Pressurised effects are banned from the event, whereas Unpressurised effects are permitted.

Pressurised Gas Flame Effects covers flame effects where a liquid fuel is expelled from a pressure vessel, resulting in burning liquid fuel being emitted into the air. Unpressurised Gas Flame Effects are ones where liquid fuel is contained within a vessel and burns either with some form of wick (e.g. tiki torch or similar) or some fuels burn without a wick.

Liquid fuel can be used to create beautiful and interesting flame effects but must be carefully managed. If you wish to have a Liquid Fuel Flame Effect at your theme camp, please submit a Fire Application Form. Upon application you will be contacted by the Fire Lead to discuss the details.

Mutant Vehicle Flame Effects

“Mutant Vehicle Flame Effects” refers to fire of any kind on a vehicle. This includes but is not limited to; gas flame effects, liquid fuel flame effects, blow torches, tiki lights, fire spinning etc Basically, if it burns in any way and you want to put it on a vehicle of any kind, you must apply for a Burn Permit by filling in a Fire Application Form. You will then be contacted by the Fire Lead to discuss your ideas and whether or not they can be safety executed at the event.


Pyrotechnics and fireworks at Blazing Swan may only be used/fired/operated by the licensed pyrotechnics contractor approved by Blazing Swan Inc. and appropriately licensed pyrotechnics operators working under that contractor.

Any pyrotechnics or fireworks which are used/fired/operated by anyone other than the approved contactor and their appropriately licensed pyrotechnics operators are illegal and not permitted at the event.

If you are a licensed pyrotechnics operator and wish to use/fire/operate pyrotechnics or fireworks at Blazing Swan, please submit a Fire Application Form. Your application will be assessed by the Fire Lead, Safety Lead and Blazing Swan Committee and discussed with you further.

Fuel and Hazardous Material Storage

Storage of hazardous or combustible materials (e.g. gas bottles, liquid fuel) should be planned before arriving at the event.

All fuel and flammable materials should be secured in appropriate containers, clearly marked, stored in a safe and secure area, located a minimum of 15m away from any open flame (this includes smoking).

You will be given more information on Fuel and Hazardous Material storage as part of your Fire Application Form assessment.

Keeping Fire Information Up-to-Date

We endeavour to keep this information as up-to-date and correct as possible with periodic reviews and amendments. If you think something on this page is incorrect, out of date or doesn’t make sense, please email