Finding Out What It Takes To Become a Committee Member

By June 27, 2019 August 11th, 2019 Committee, Members

At a recent event offered to all current members, Sonia, Tim and Justin spent a couple of hours with the Chairperson and Deputy Chairperson exploring what is involved in serving on the Committee.

Topics explored included:

  • The nomination process and timelines.
  • Legal & regulatory frameworks such as; the constitution and code of conduct.
  • Responsibilities of Committee members (public sector documentation relating to serving on a board was provided).
  • What kind of work Committee members undertake.
  • Time commitments across the year and at the annual event.
  • Holding confidentiality and collective responsibility (the need for trust amongst Committee members).
  • A couple of real scenarios were workshopped to provide an understanding of the complexity and challenges that Committee members are exposed to.

The need for an induction pack has been identified but not enacted due to time and workload constraints. It is hoped that this will happen this year after the AGM, possibly led by new Committee members who will have a good understanding of what it will need!

Anyone who missed this workshop and is considering nominating for the Committee is welcome to contact either the Chairperson or Deputy Chairperson for a discussion at a mutually acceptable time.   Chairperson   Deputy Chairperson

If you want to become a member yourself, then head here


Deputy Chairperson