Effigy and Temple Designs 2019

By September 5, 2018 Art, Participate
Blazing Swan 2018

Photo by Dominika Debska

Applications are now open for submissions to design and build Effigy and Temple for Blazing Swan 2019.

The Effigy and Temple are the two most prominent and celebrated art pieces at Blazing Swan.  Both art pieces are admired and interacted with all week at Blazing Swan, before being burned to the ground in a blaze of glory. Now is your chnce to take part in helping to design and build one of these amazing structures.

Communal Effort

Designing and building a structure at Blazing Swan requires communal effort from a team of skilled participants.  We welcome all areas of expertise, from concept and design, through to fabrication and construction, transport and logistics, and and managing teams.  Whether you are a jack of all trades, or you have one piece of the puzzle to provide, send us your application regardless.  Your specialised skill might be just what we need!  Blazing Swan has a network of skillful hands to help make your design a reality.


Applications for the design and build of the Effigy or Temple structures should include as much detail as you can provide, keeping in mind the area of expertise you or your team can offer. Submissions should include:

  • Drawings of how the structure will look
  • Dimensions and measurements
  • Descriptions of how the structure will be built and assembled
  • A proposed budget for materials and expenses
  • A projection of how the structure will burn

Workshop Space & Storage

The Swan’s Nest is the headquarters of Blazing Swan in Fremantle, and can assist with workshop space, tools and storage for all art pieces destined for Blazing Swan.

The Theme

The theme for Blazing Swan 2019 is “Happy as Larry”.  A well-known Australian saying can be traced back to origins of the Aussie larrikin, “a person with apparent disregard for convention, but a good-hearted person”.  Larry Harvey is another well-known Larry, one of the founding members of Burning Man, who recently passed away in 2018.  Blazing Swan is a happy place, where people make their dreams a reality!

Your submission for a design should include some reference to the Happy as Larry theme, and how it relates to your design.


Email your submission to the Blazing Swan chairperson at chair(at)blazingswan.com.au, before 30th September 2018.