Effigy and Temple Design

Are you interested in submitting a proposal to design and build one of the two iconic structures at Blazing Swan? Then why dont you unleash the creative inside you and send in a design proposal!

Your designs can be as weird and wonderful as you want, but it must be a workable design in order to be considered for shortlisting.

General points to consider

  • Both structures will be burnt so you must follow the principle of Leave No Trace. This will have to be part of your proposal plan.
  • The Blazing Swan theme might influence your design. Remmber 2019’s Happy As Larry Effigy design?
  • It is common for the Effigy to feature a swan, so incorporate this somewhere.
  • The Temple needs to be a sacred space and a quiet place for reflection, but not in recognition of any religion.

Key Date –

Effigy and Temple submissions are open untill the (Now closed).

Information email –

Please contact art(at)blazingswan.com.au if you have any questions.

Effigy and Temple Proposal Requirements

Certain details are needed when you submit a proposal to design and build either the Effigy or Temple at Blazing Swan.

Make sure you include the following –

A Short Bio-

Please tell us a bit about yourself.


Outline your previous relevant experience and any supporting information, images etc.

Detailed outline of proposed design-

Please provide as much detail as you can, this includes materials and size. Professional graphic design is highly recommended with reference to sound structural support and depending on design, ability to be signed off by an engineer.

Your ideas behind the design and what it represents, and how the community can interact with the space.


A detailed proposed budget should be included

Burn Plan – 

How do you plan to burn the structure safely?

Build time – 

How much time will it take to build, both before and on site?

Transport – 

How do you plan to enable successful transport from Swan’s Nest to the site?

Crew size and Experience/ Skills – 

How many crew will you require/ be providing and what are their relevant skill sets

Leave No Trace – 

What is your LNT plan? Remember, this is a core principle.   

Supporting information/documents-

Please include any sketches, images, material information etc.