Designers & Artists

All of the art and design you see within Blazing Swan has been created by our community.  Everything from poster illustrations to ticket designs needs inspiration and artwork, and we want you to get involved! Whether you are a design professional or an artist who like to have some fun, Blazing Swan is made from visual inspiration that you contribute.

Join our Team

For professionals, freelancers and students who have skills in design, illustration, branding and layout – you can join our team to help produce Blazing Swan’s propaganda for it’s various departments, theme camps and events that require marketing.  This volunteer work provides you with some amazingly creative and fun briefs to work with.

If you would like to get involved, email comms(at) introducing yourself with some example of your work.


Artwork Submissions

Artists and illustrators of all mediums are encouraged to submit their inspired work to be included in Blazing Swan’s publications.  Each year we have amazing art themes to work with, which have been:

  • 2014 – Inception
  • 2015 – Inspiration
  • 2016 – Illumination
  • 2017 – Elemental

2017 Elemental Theme

The Blazing Swan theme for 2017 is “Elemental”.

How does Elemental inspire you? Is it the elements of nature, the universe or chemistry? Are the elements outside you more powerful than the elements within?  Elements can divide a whole into segments, but it can also bring opposing parts into unity.  How many elements make up a whole, and what do they mean?

Submit your Elemental-inspired artwork to Blazing Swan for consideration to be included as part of WTF (Where’s The Fun) printed guide, which is handed out at the front gate to everyone that enters. Email your submission – or provide an link – to comms(at)