Whilst covid is not currently ‘at work’ in our community, we have seen the effects it can have if it is. Covid has played a massive role in Blazing Swan; canceling last year’s event and providing plenty of concern for this years.
Turtle, our Event Fun Police Lead and Head Covid Honcho has been working furiously behind the scenes to help prepare our event’s application, answer questions and prepare the event to be ready.
When gates open in just under a week it doesn’t stop. So we’re asking the community for their support to ensure the gates remain open and we can all enjoy the delights JRC has to offer.
We’re asking the following things of the community to help keep Blazing Swan 2021: Phoenix remain open:
  1. Bring sanitizer and wash your hands frequently. Yes, Theme Camps and points around the event will have sanitiser available, but just like we need to be self-reliant for water, we need to be self-reliant for sanitizer. Why not go bulk with your camp and grab a small bottle for yourself to carry?
  2. Practice social distancing. With our smaller event cap we’ve got plenty of space, make use of it. Take the opportunity to slow down, enjoy the space and freedom and ponder life. Immediacy isn’t about rushing to do all the things, its about being present in the things that are around you. There is plenty to do, so if something’s busy, be curious to see what isn’t. Hidden gems are the best find!
  3. Be aware that theme camps are limited to 1 person per 2m2. We’ve worked hard this year to support our Theme Camps with the new covid requirements – it has been a big strain for many camps and they’ve worked hard to ensure they’re compliant. Please help them to help you;- You’ll notice signage posted at entrances to camps to help you understand their camp requirements. They might be closed for cleaning or be too busy to accept more people. They are just trying to do the right thing and they need your support. Help out by being self-aware; read the signs, follow their requests and if a camp looks busy, see it as an opportunity to find seek out a different camp.
  4. Seek medical help immediately if you develop symptoms. We have a medical team on site – just head to Ranger HQ.
  5. Stay home if you are unwell. Don’t be that person to travel if you feel unwell.
  6. Bring a facemask in case of lockdown. Always best to be prepared.
Read more about our event and covid here!
Thanks for your support on this matter,
Comms Team
on behalf of Turtle the Covid Head Honcho & the Fun Police Team