Consent, the 11th Principle of Blazing Swan

By February 5, 2017 March 11th, 2024 Principles

Consent is the, cornerstone of a healthy community, even in an erotically charged, mind expanding and boundary challenging environment such as Blazing Swan.

We want to help prevent sexual harassment, substance abuse and unwanted gifting while ensuring that participation, immediacy, and self-expression thrives! Know and express your boundaries. Ask about and respect the boundaries of others. Look out for each other, including anyone you might encounter who may be in distress. If you see behaviour that disturbs you or you need support, find our khaki clad Jilakin Rock Rangers or pink shirted Consent Crew. Also look out for Blaze’s consent allies, who can be spotted wearings pink lanyards.

Consent is now an official Blazing Swan principle. Proper consent practices are essential to the safety and inclusion of all participants. Only when every single member of the community understands, respects and sees consent as essential will it become non-essential.

Want to take a photo or video? Ask first, even if they are running around naked – especially then! If you are asked to delete a photo or segment of video, please respect the autonomy of the individual and do so immediately, without hesitation.

Our community is open-minded and progressive, but communication about consent is always vital. Never assume that you have consent based on someone’s clothing or actions. By asking, you’ll eliminate confusion and foster a tighter, safer community where people know that their boundaries are respected.

SILENCE IS NOT CONSENT! Always ask and wait for a yes!

Blazing Swan now has 11 principles!