Community Events Calendar

By October 19, 2019 Theme Camp

Hello Theme Camps,

In our recent annoucement about growing support for Theme Camps you may have noticed the annoucement about better supporting Theme Camps’ fundraising activities.

In line with this we’re proud to announce that the Blazing Swan website has been updated to include a seperate calendar – the ‘Community Events Calendar’.

The Community Events Calendar

As we continue to develop the website, with an aim of it becoming a hub of Blazing Swan and Burner-related information, we’d love to offer Theme Camps the oportunity to get their events listed here – in one central location. Less searching for Blazers, easier access for the community.

You can find the new calendar here, with naviatation being easily made from the main menu – Events -> Community Events

Please note that events are for outside of Blazing Swan itself – those events will be captured in the WTF Guide.

Submitting your event onto the calendar is easy – just follow the instructions at the top of the page.

Other Blazing Swan style events can be applied to be included going forward.

Thank you!

We hope that this helps bring further success to your Theme Camps and their funraisers  – Theme Camps bring a special magic to our event and we love you for it!

Questions and Contact

If you have any questions on the Community Event Calendar please email the Comms Team at

Quick reminder – there will be a Theme Camp meeting at the Swan’s Nest from 2pm-4pm on 20th October. This informal meeting is an oportunity to meet the new Theme Camp Sub-Commitee and answer an questions you might have. Join the Facebook event for this meeting:


Photo: Cinebrah