Photographer ID’s

Our community photographers are back for Blazing Swan 2018 – Beyond the Black Stump.  Each of these photographers have registered with Blazing Swan, and have been assigned an identification number.  Spot them at Blazing Swan with their ID number, and contact them on the details below.

ID   Name  Contact

  1. Siraj Ak   perthee(at)
  2. Peter Sharp psharp1000(at)
  3. James Alexander
  4. Mark De Cruz Mdecruz(at)
  5. Tuk Uno tukuno(at)
  6. Christian Clowes freelance0185(at)
  7. Dominika Debska dominika.debska(at)
  8. Kelly D’Onofrio k_dono4(at)
  9. Swami Adami swamiadima(at)
  10. Bruce Garrod blazingcinebrah(at)
  11. Michael Eaton Madmansvideography(at)
  12. Natalie Blom info(at)
  13. Alison Godwin Alisongodwin31620(at)
  14. Teresa Dejager Tessdejager(at)
  15. Charlotte Roigt charlotte.roigt(at)
  16. Kymberli Browne EarthBound PhotograFae
  17. Matt Count mcount(at)
  18. Terry Van obsidianart(at)
  19. Sarah Matheson sarah(at)
  20. Sam Harris
  21. Elliot Cahill elliotc987(at)
  22. Damian Gray daymoe22(at)
  23. Sarah Macintyre kwizikel(at)
  24. Daniel Dalton danielpdalton(at)
  25. Ryland Perason-McManus rylandpearson(at)

69. Sharon Shreeve


Most of the photographers here are part of the Blazing Swan community, and can be found in our Blazing Swan Community Facebook group.

If you have feedback for a specific photographer, please attempt to make contact with the photographer directly. Feedback can also be given to Blazing Swan Comms by emailing photography(at)